Rae Lim – “Lullaby” adds up to a very captivating record

Rae Lim is an Asian actor, dancer and singer based in London. An artist who brings subtle oriental influences to her music through choice of instrumentation, Lim is signed to Winterson’s and works with the SAFO Music Group. She graduated with a first class honors degree, a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (Psychology with Combined Studies) and also completed a Graduate Diploma in Law. Yet this hasn’t stopped Rae Lim from expanding her talents towards the arts, especially acting and music, where she finds constant solace.

A perfect example of Lim’s musical creativity can be found on her 2020 single, entitled “Lullaby”. This record was even better than expected. It is absolutely gorgeous. The music contains an electronic beat, warm layered synths, and a haunting melody. She cleverly uses these elements to create an intoxicating atmosphere.

“Lullaby” is not your typical electronic or pop single. Unlike many artists in the limelight today, Rae Lim is passionate about the words she sings, giving them actual meaning, while the music weaves an atmospheric web of luscious tones. Electronic Alt-Pop, would be a decent description of what Lim does on this single, though I suspect constricting labels may not suit her artistic demeanor.

Her understated and intimate vocal phrasings are definitely an alluring factor to her music. Some artists, while focusing on the production and overall sound of a record, appear to throw together a whole lot of bombast to draw attention. Instead Rae Lim lures you into her world with subtlety.

The single finds a way to weave together soothing musical motifs, and soulful vocal nuances, showing off Rae Lim’s profound but elegant approach to her craft. She whispers, she croons, and entices, as she glissades across the wistful production. Perfectly attuning the musical accompaniment to the sentiment of the song.

Unspeakably few artists could string together all the above facets together so gracefully and skillfully. Some of “Lullaby’s” best moments come when Rae Lim lets the listener experience exactly what she’s feeling in a whispering tone. No matter what’s behind the vocal, space is always used to perfection. In fact, Lim did an excellent job of letting every note and every word breathe in this arrangement.

There is also something particularly compelling about the chorus on “Lullaby”, which will be lodged in your head for hours on end after a single listen. That is where the song really hits its melodic stride. Simple but direct and very honest, it contains messages that everyone will be able to relate to on some level.

It all adds up to a very captivating record, one that not only fits in well with the current alternative electro landscape but also works beyond it. Credit where credit is due, “Lullaby” affirms that Rae Lim does not simply deal with the generic matter that typically defines pop music.

And it is also clear at this point that Rae Lim is not yet done showing us what more she really can do. I expect her to confidently be exploring a wide range of styles in the near future.



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