Rohan Dreamerz – “Vicious Love” – a powerful but gracious recording!

Rohan Kamble artistically known as Rohan Dreamerz, is a pop-punk artist emerging from the city of Mumbai, India. Inspired by bands such as Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41 and even The Ramones, Rohan is currently a solo act, who is not averse to being part of a collective project. His latest single “Vicious Love”, is taken from the EP “One Of A Kind”. The EP folds the polished dynamics of contemporary pop and punk into a collection of heartfelt songs that ache and soar like vintage pop-punk motifs. Guitar blasts mingle with acoustic reverb, solid drum phrasing, and instrumental hooks for choruses, punctuated by titular phrases. It’s a powerful but gracious recording, aiming for both palliative spiritual comfort and soul-stirring euphoria.

Most strikingly, “Vicious Love” rides the kind of shimmering ethereal drop that might adorn a power pop ballad; Rohan Dreamerz sounds sincere in his quest to reveal the regret associated with mistreating or inhibiting a partner to the point where you might loose them. “When you have a girl in your life. You gotta treat her right. You gotta make her feel like a queen. It’s all that she needs. Just to be herself.” sings Rohan.

There are two things that really shine on this recording: Rohan Dreamerz’s vocals and the guitar work. Rohan’s vocals are amazingly pure and the boy can hit some high notes too. He delivers the song’s story-line very convincingly and the lyrics are superb as well. They are are incredibly truthful and insightful. The instrumental complements the song, giving it room to breathe and stretch out into fully realized pop-punk song with rock flavorings.

Rohan Dreamerz ability to capture the most imperceptive moments within the song, and turn them into the most obvious details, is a calling card that is not to be denied. This is a trait that shows full growth and development as a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. The emotion is there, the aching vocals, the driving guitar, the brilliant lyrics but it is also matched by the passion in the music.

The thing that I love about Rohan Dreamerz, throughout “Vicious Love”, is the ability to take the most simple of phrases and turn them into emotional and deep song lyrics. He states situations in everyday terms, but there is no better substitute, and it works amazingly.

Rohan convinces us over and over again during the song that everything will be fine if we just treat our ladies with the respect they deserve. And the message is great in its simplicity. The chorus in “Vicious Love” sticks in your head because of its intense melody, while Rohan Dreamerz has created a soundtrack to enhance relationship behavior with every good possibility and intention.

Regardless of what your favored music genre may be, a song like “Vicious Love” is hard not to love. This track will attract pop-punk lovers and all sorts of mainstreamers alike. You’ll probably end up grabbing the entire EP after hearing this song!

Fans can use the code “dreamer” to purchase the 5 song EP from Bandcamp at a 20% discount. Code valid till 6-March-2020.


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