Guinness World Record-holding Singer Capri Everitt Releases The Single “kissing”

Guinness World Record-holding singer, Capri Everitt’s latest single “Kissing”, dropped on Valentine’s Day 2020. The playful pop-flavored track was produced by the multiple platinum, Grammy award-winning duo, Kuya Productions (Alessia Cara, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson). Capri is a true original, and she proves it on this track. First, there’s her voice. I can’t think of any singer that she sounds like. She has a crystal clear, pure-girl voice with pronounced diction, as well as a sharp sense of wit that permeates the track, as the lyrics plainly show. You don’t need a magnifying glass because the lyrics present a veritable avalanche of romantic frankness, filled with good intentions.

Capri Everitt is a potential modern mainstream pop star. Her songs show you that pop music can be intelligent, clean and enjoyable. Moreover as mentioned before, she does have a really interesting singing voice. She doesn’t go for theatrics like many of her peers prefer to do, instead her vocals stay clear and easy on the ear.

However, where I think she really excels, is the juxtaposition of the airy style of the vocals and bouncy beat, with the clever attitude of some of her lyrics. Capri has the knack for performing deceptively cutesy tunes with lyrics that penetrate the subconscious and stick in your head.

“Kissing” sounds as bright as a sunny day as a midsummer’s day. Capri is as sweet as pie on this track. Her sweet sugary voice and the bouncy, poppy, music masks a sharp, observant and romantically witty young female lyricist. All of which makes “Kissing” a total earworm, and I can tell that I’m going to be listening to a lot of it.

Capri keeps things interesting and far removed from the current moody and angsty run-of-the-mill pop. The record brings together all these things ever pop artist one likes to talk about, but never does in positive, clean and cheerful way. The lyrics here all well written and extremely easy to relate to.

In regards to the melody, the keyboard is bright and cleverly syncopated, as it is balanced by the strong basslines and the skittering drums.  Capri’s great vocal technique is also a big plus, in sustaining the radiant momentum.

All-round Capri Everitt is a promising artist who stands aside from all the mainstream music with her own unique style. I think Capri has an interesting future as a singer-songwriter and I’m eager to see how far and high, she can run with it.

More about Capri Everitt:
Guinness World Record-holding singer Capri Everitt received international acclaim and world-wide media attention when she travelled to 80 countries with her family where she sang the national anthem of each country in the national language to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children.

Featured in print and television segments, as well as being a two time We Day and TEDX speaker, Capri has performed at such venues as the Marseilles Opera House, the Luxembourg Peace Forum, Carnaval Uruguay, the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival and at over 40 SOS Children’s Villages around the globe. She has also performed at Major League Baseball games in both Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada as well as for the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks and the NBA’s Raptors and Pelicans.



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