Leonardo Furore – “Titan” is menacingly well scored!

Leonardo Furore is an Italian composer for movies, TV, games, advertising and trailers. From orchestra to electronic music, he navigates the industry as a media producer. The cinematic-styled instrumental “Titan”, by the Italian composer, which comes of his album “The Fallen”, is a concise masterpiece of multilayered orchestration. It’s intensely bombastic yet introspective, delving into areas of the soul that are usually left alone, and as such succeeds in being a great work of expressive art. Furore uses his sound design to explore the essence of nature and humanity, to pose questions rather than reinforce preconceived notions.

Leonardo Furore’s music goes straight for the soul; he relies on the lush sounds of brass and drums backed by deep strings parts to arouse feelings of confliction and contrast. A dark, ominous, and deep sound enters, along with the powerful choral lines. The string section slowly draws a sinister atmosphere that persists before developing into a series of more menacing escalations.

The track makes no effort to relieve the tension as it builds in layered intensity reaching various moments of euphoric apexes. Despite the dark tone, the piece is relentlessly beautiful and transfixing, conveying a plethora of complex emotions that tug at the heart.

The great thing about Leonardo Furore’s composing is the way that he can embody all the emotive sounds and textures of the brass and strings and bring them together to create a very haunting yet triumphed sound with differing choral sections. “Titan” is menacingly well scored, containing sections of tenacious orchestration, emotive brass and woodwind and dynamic timbre changes throughout the work.

“Titan” builds up suspense ever so perfectly and then when it reaches its well-placed climaxes you’re left on the edge of your seat throughout, as if you were watching a movie. It maintains this phenomenal aspect of creating an emotional experience in under three minutes that flows freely through itself and leaves you in awestruck wonder.

To put it in a precise manner, “Titan” – but also much or the rest of the album “The Fallen” – is intriguing, ambitious, and incredible in its intent to convey emotion. Using the emotional tone that it sets for itself, as well as its climactic moments to its advantage, this recording manages to engage the audience in a manner that one wouldn’t expect from such a short piece of music. “Titan” is a classic example of a movie composer doing what he does best, providing thrilling and pounding music that gets the heart racing and the emotions primed.

Leonardo Furore’s thoroughly modern style of scoring – electronically driven, almost rock structured music, and progressions that rely on powerful and sonically resonating tones and expressions – is applied to perfection on “Titan”. This piece will thrill and excite every bit as much as the video clip it is assigned to.

Digital stores: https://tiny.cc/thefallenalbum
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leonardo_furore/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leonardo.furoreyoung
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/26G82PRVEfr53WBImeCBjn
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Wtl3bBLLrNImmwAij6JCg
Label – GRM Management: www.grmanagement.it


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