Maitika Rollack – “Anxiety” – an abundance of sonic awareness

Right off the bat, Maitika Rollack will tell you that he is inspired by Lloyd Banks and…his mother, who he claims has the most angelic voice you’ll ever hear. Maitika got into music during his early teens and then grabbed his moniker from a childhood movie he enjoyed, called “Jungle 2 Jungle” starring Tim Allen. Maitika was a pet Tarantula that was always drawn towards battles, loud noises and danger, which he says pretty much sums him up. The second part of his moniker, Rollack, explains a way of life, says the Harlowe, North Carolina native.

Maitika Rollack is currently promoting his upcoming album, from which he has released the single, entitled “Anxiety”. In many ways, the track is an amplified version of the artist’s defining traits; the production has jumped up a couple of levels and Maitika’s brand of melodic rap is what you might expect from someone aspiring to breakout into a bigger market.

Among the many appeals of the rapper’s verbal style is the ability to reshape a song endlessly into new forms. It’s most accurate to say that Maitika Rollack music represents a radical and consummate vision of the new wave sound. The single is a sonically daring scramble of all the rap styles he’s internalized since coming onto the scene. So he can melodically sing-song along, or kill a series of bars with an impressively smooth flow.

Maitlika knows his strengths and isn’t afraid to modulate his approach based on the prevailing sonic atmosphere. He ebbs and flows with the beat, maintaining and pushing the momentum.

All of it evincing a togetherness between all the elements involved, that feels rare in today’s era of free-for-all production. So while “Anxiety” feels loose, it’s tight as hell. The song offers a convincing figuration of Maitika Rollack’s fructification of mood and affect.

Maitlika sings over effervescent synth pads, warmth rumbling basslines and thumping kick drums. The insistence of his delivery and the production showcases his intent to move toward the next level.

Maitika Rollack has made it a point to show his listeners that there is much more you should be paying attention to. On every release, he gets better and takes more chances. His music is constantly in motion; moving forward and often leaving his competitors behind. Maitika has an identity on the track. Most of today’s flexers can’t say that, as they disappear into the production. His vibe will keep you entertained throughout “Anxiety”.

Maitika Rollack’s artistic blend fits the style-plus-substance mold, while his abundance of sonic awareness facilitates the quality of his art. This latest release shows artistic and personal growth culminating in one of Maitaki’s most palatable single project yet. All of which promises a richly-flavored upcoming album.


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