OurGlassZoo -The Official Video For ‘Astronaut’

The music video ‘Astronaut’ is based on a futuristic concept in which the human race is treating the planet as visitors (or astronauts) while exploiting it rather than preserving it for the generations ahead. Political leaders use the environmental crisis to manipulate citizens for their own benefit and imprisoned people in safety zones.

The story follows a father (Georgie Daburas from the Netflix show ‘Sabrina’) who mistrusts the government’s intentions and builds oxygen masks for him and his daughter (Karissa Ketter – ‘Firefly Lane’). When they escape the zones past the guards, they get confronted with an unexpected challenge that ultimately leads to their freedom.

A fresh mix of electronic rock with a few drops of synth pop are the secret ingredients of the Vancouver-based band OurGlassZoo. Their debut EP made it to the semi-finals of the biggest on-line songwriting competition (ISC) which featured high end judges such as Lorde, Kaskade, Tom waits and the late Chris Cornell. The songs ‘Somehow Somewhere’ and ‘Listen’ got radio play in both Italy and the UK in 2018.

The new album was recorded at Monarch Studios with Juno award winning producer Tom Dorbzanski (‘The Zolas’) and will be released through Sony Orchard in early 2020.

OurGlassZoo will perform in music festivals including ‘UpTown’ in summer and booked a tour with LiveActs next year.


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3SPOv
Website: https://www.ourglasszoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourglasszoo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourglasszoo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ourglasszoo

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