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LENCONESΔΔ – “Ruby Mutant” – a profound artistic statement

LENCONESΔΔ is not your usual rap, trap or Hip-hop artist artist. Not by a long shot. You’ll discover this before even hearing a single note of his album “Ruby Mutant”. A simple read through the album’s promotional notes will lock you into the artists’ parallel world: “In the pocket of Wile E coyote lives the Ruby Mutant; a manifest of cartoon aggression, rough facets, smooth coloring and stark contrasts.” Based in Grande Prairie, Canada; LENCONESΔΔ entirely self-produced the album, except for track 7, “YELLERWRANGLERS” which sees the helping hand of SuP’Pra.

LENCONESΔΔ is a breath of fresh air. In a time where the average rapper seems to be trending towards the mainstream charts, LENCONESΔΔ breaks the mold. Rather than unleash an endless list of streamable singles, the Canadian creative gives us an 8 track project to ruminate over. LENCONESΔΔ is exuberant, and sometimes weird, finding his footing easily in the nooks and crannies of the beats laid out perfectly for, and by him.

LENCONESΔΔ music can sometimes be harsh, bombastic and eclectically left-field; he doesn’t create harmonious Top40 motifs that are always pleasant. However, while other artists struggle to translate creative development into their music, LENCONESΔΔ does it with ease, navigating ingenuity in a way that’s not only deeply personal but also extremely honest. To put it bluntly, he doesn’t give a fuck about conformity or, typical lyrical tropes, or conventional song structures.

LENCONESΔΔ can be abstruse, cryptic and transcendental in his creations, and most certainly is a purist’s nightmare. He raps, growls, chirps, and squeals in falsetto while delivering outlandish, but thought-provoking bars.

“Ruby Mutant” is punctuated with insane rhymes and anecdotes, with the rapper adopting the role of a deranged storyteller. This is not indie, alternative or experimental, its way beyond that. Listening to LENCONESΔΔ’s music is an intense, jangled-nerves experience, as you don’t know where he’s going next.

There’s something exemplary about “Ruby Mutant”, not in the sense that it’s a sterling example of its genre so much as that it presents itself as a one-of-a-kind example that will be hard follow. It’s the product of a ferociously unclouded mind that has moved beyond the genre’s preconceived restrictions and expectations.

Here, from the opening track, “vs The Green Ugly”, we can lean our heads back and let the music expand our brains with its mosaic verbosity. LENCONESΔΔ uses a series of voices that cuts through any beat.

On “OPOSSUM”, LENCONESΔΔ is at his most conventional, flowing over the beat and showing that he can excel in the established lane. But it’s when he’s flaunting his impossible-to-hide weirdness, on tracks like “strawberry pie!” and “fuckingmess!!!!” that he becomes triumphantly captivating.

From “DELI” and “YELLERWRANGLERS” to “ACME”, LENCONESΔΔ gets plenty of chances to be highly impacting and pungently unusual on “Ruby Mutant”. All throughout this project, LENCONESΔΔ makes use of a personality that’s equal parts relatable and absurd to inch his way towards a larger audience. It’s a profound artistic statement: the special kind of moment we rarely witness, in which an artist expresses their most curious thoughts without stylistic reserve.



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