Haley Tibbs has joins the rock story “Lost On The Way” by Matulla

For her new single “Last Summer Rain” the singer Haley Tibbs has joined the rock story “Lost On The Way”. This project, created by German musician Matulla, includes over fifty song features with singers from around the world packed in a rough motorbike ride through the United States. “Last Summer Rain” is now out on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Haley Tibbs is a musician, singer-songwriter, model, actor and mechanical engineer from Phoenix, AZ. She grew up in musicals and performing classically. At a young age she learned how to play guitar and started writing songs. She then moved to Nashville and recorded her first single which was streamed worldwide and accepted by Sony records.

Haley has worked with Billboard touring artists and local musicians from all over the world. She has performed around Arizona, Nashville and NYC and has been a part of shows in parts of Europe. Haley has recently finished her EP “Go Up”.

Haley has modeled in NYC, LA, Nashville and Phoenix. She has experience in print and runway modeling. She is published with Adidas, the Henna Shop, Flipside, Whipped Hair, Xenon 2016 calendar, and more. She has walked for designers of Arizona, New York, Los Angeles, Italy and Sweden.

Haley has worked on local films, national TV shows, movies and touring shows. These include ABC Nashville, Nashville Spotlight, Beanies, Dream Big, etc.

Haley Tibbs

Connect with Haley Tibbs:

WEBSITE: http://haleytibbs.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HaleyMTibbs/

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