Rebekka Lundstrøm – “Talk With You” ft Fadnes – Bittersweet Beauty!

Singer- songwriter Rebekka Lundstrøm absolutely knocks it out of the park, on her latest single “Talk With You” featuring a duet with Fadnes. The song is taken from the Arendal born and raised artist’s upcoming album “Carousel”, set to release on March 27, digitally and in CD format.  The album produced by Einar Fadnes and recorded, mixed and mastered by Rasmus Solem will contain nine songs.  Rebekka’s lyrics are simple, direct, and relatable, while the content is original and nothing like the clichéd bro-country rubbish littering the scene today. Her voice is fantastic, exhibiting great control and confidence across her entire register; she has great highs while not overdoing it.

Fadness makes a great singing partner, as his resonant but mellow James Taylor-like tones blend beautifully with Rebekka’s more pointed delivery. The two absolutely kill it on the mellifluous “Talk With You”, which is awash with warm acoustic timbres. The emphasis is on organic country sounds with strong folk and indie accents. Though it actually transcends those genres – It’s spacey, dreamy, ethereal, groovy, catchy, and it sounds incredibly fresh.

Rebekka Lundstrøm voice is soothing to the soul, a little fiery when it wants to be, her writing is incredibly honest and intelligent, and emotionally she resonates. Her band is superb. They employ traditional instruments – guitars, mandolins, banjos, and double bass, among others – largely avoiding the expected stereotypical sounds from modern sources. They create subtle, highly nuanced layers of sound –when you listen closely – the sound textures are brilliantly captivating.

Rebekka Lundstrøm and her crew is here to provide arrangements, vocals, and songwriting talent that stand out from the tired and well-worn norms of music in 2020. She has no peers because today no else is making this type of pure and heartfelt music that is so well performed.

If rivals do exist, Rebekka’s easy style, very catchy melody and honest lyrics, put her a level above them all. Her soulful, assured singing and pensive production will wrap listeners in magic immediately.

Rebekka Lundstrøm’s overall sound on “Talk With You”, is very reminiscent of the legendary band America, that had enormous success during the early seventies with hits such as “A Horse with No Name”, “I Need You” and “Sister Golden Hair”.

It’s a crystal clean melodic, and strummed acoustic-guitar sound, that is all but lost in today’s bombastic music productions. It’s just so soothing on the ear, you’ll keep hitting replay again, and again. The music floats like a cloud, the string sighs, the delicate banjo flutters, and the gentle acoustic guitars all dissolving around Rebekka and Fadnes’ voices.

“Talk With You” is simply the best way she can find to express what she wants to express. And what Rebekka wants to express, is love, but it’s not that easy:  “I want to talk with you, but I turn the other way. I want to tell you all those things that are hard to say. I need to let you know what you mean to me before you’re gone to stay. I want to talk with you. Don’t know how to talk with you, so I walk away…”

“Talk With You” is about being dizzily in love, and about the fears and insecurities that can come along with that. This is probably the most written-about subject in the entire history of the popular song. And Rebekka Lundstrøm’s doesn’t try to reinvent it. She’s calm, direct and specific. She knows what she’s dealing with, and she’s got the confidence to pull it off, turning “Talk With You” into one of the most supremely elegant bittersweet songs you’ll hear this year.


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