Capri Everitt – “Breathe” defines the integrity of her work

She’s young and she’s on fire. Just over a month after releasing “Kissing”, Guinness World Record-holding singer, Capri Everitt, is back with something just as addictive: her new single “Breathe”. This song, produced and co-written by the multiple platinum, Grammy award-winning duo, Kuya Productions (Alessia Cara, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson), begins with the lyric, “Is it a beautiful day? Cause the sun is shining people smiling. But I don’t feel that way.” It’s is not your typical teen romance song. Instead, Capri’s latest production is a thoughtful work that expresses the awkward insecurities, self-doubt, and inner emotional turmoil that usually define our teenage years, but also determine most of our adulthood years: “I’m so fragile it ain’t fair. I’m feeling down I’m feeling scared. All these voices in my head.”

“Breathe” has a sound that is creative without being obnoxiously so.  It feels intuitively like it should be just another captivating pop ballad, but it’s not. Rather than vapid lyrics shoved into a generic prefabricated beat, Capri Everitt’s infectious prose sprout from fertile lyrical ground.

This defines the integrity of Capri’s work, and that of her co-writers. When it comes to subject matter and sound, one might assume that it’s all been done before. But somehow it hasn’t – in “Breathe”, Capri Everitt offers a very refined take on the self-inflicted emotional experience: “What’s wrong with me? The worries came from nowhere. Something I can’t see.”

This track is truly something special. “Breathe’s” driving theme is the difficulty of defeating our inner struggles. Capri probes the harsh reality of these afflictions: “Why can’t I breathe. Dreams turn into nightmares. And now I can’t sleep. Oh oh oh. What’s wrong with me?” Her lines are filled with overwrought drama, locked inside a beautifully poignant tune. Capri takes ownership of her vocal talents and navigates this melodic maze with tremendous skill.

Through a sophisticated musical arrangement and bold artistic choices, she creates an excellent follow up to her previous release, while simultaneously expanding the breadth of her musical, lyrical and vocal capabilities.

The production complements Capri Everett’s voice, allowing it to pop and sizzle in ways that it simply couldn’t on a too dreamy atmosphere. As a result of the fusion of Kuya Productions’ grandiose guitar and piano driven production and Capri’s versatile vocals, “Breathe” feels innovative and vital.

“Breathe” is deserving of your attention and of multiple listens. It is a more-than-worthy successor to “Kissing”. The song dives deep into the exact, core-shaking feelings that inner turmoil can bring to all of us. It demands you sit with it, just to experience the sheer amount of work and effort that was stuffed into the cracks of this arrangement.

Capri Everitt (along with producers Kuya Productions) demonstrates a nearly unrivaled ability to reflect with dexterity and enchanting panache. And at its end, you’re left with a question: “Am I in this alone. Everybody’s laughin’. And dancin’. I don’t think they know…”

More about Capri Everitt:
Guinness World Record-holding singer Capri Everitt received international acclaim and world-wide media attention when she travelled to 80 countries with her family where she sang the national anthem of each country in the national language to raise money and awareness for orphaned and abandoned children.

Featured in print and television segments, as well as being a two time We Day and TEDX speaker, Capri has performed at such venues as the Marseilles Opera House, the Luxembourg Peace Forum, Carnaval Uruguay, the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival and at over 40 SOS Children’s Villages around the globe. She has also performed at Major League Baseball games in both Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada as well as for the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks and the NBA’s Raptors and Pelicans.


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