We R HUSTLE Ent. Presents La Familya – “The Baggage Claim” – an impressive compilation offering!

La Familya is a collective of all artists on the We R HUSTLE Ent. roster. “The Baggage Claim” project was constructed to introduce the label and all its artists to the world at once. Lunatic “Da New Face N Rap”, C-Dot aka DoTorNoT, K.E., SOUL, Trajjik, TMoney2Real, Lola Corday, and Q Tha Gawd all have solo projects coming soon. On paper, a group of skilled rappers should make a great album together. Camaraderie often begets quality hip-hop. The shoulder-bumping, back-and-forth lyrical game of different styles and beats, usually captures the pinnacle of each artist’s respective craft, and should be an exercise in a collection of fully armed deliveries. But replicating the perfection of these kinds of moments across an entire project is next to impossible, and it has seldom been achieved in the past. Until projects like “The Baggage Claim” came along.

There are a number of variables which factor into the ever-present difficulty of crafting the perfect compilation, chiefly, managing personalities and personas, and controlling the rampant run of egos.

With various personalities littered across the album’s tracks, often the disparate styles sit in argument with each other. However none of this happens on like “The Baggage Claim”, where the We R HUSTLE Ent. has managed to curate 11 tracks, 5 producers and 8 featured artists rather meticulously.

So it’s no surprise that they have turned in an impressive compilation offering. What gives La Familya its power, is its array of unique performers, many of which dive into the mix on the opening title track “Baggage Claim” – from Lola Corday and C-Dot, to TMoney2Real, K.E., Lunatic and Trajjik.

They find ways of channeling all of their assets into one uniform aesthetic without compromising the greater parts of their individual personalities. This is no easy task, but they each manage to retain the high bar quality of their solo works.

Moving forward through the playlist, the stablemates on the We R HUSTLE Ent. roster, deliver an abundance of energy and a trove of soulful elements. From “Family 1st” and “Make It Out”, to “Hustle Up” and “Yo Purpose”, the tracks bang with a vengeance, each excelling, providing the blueprint for every feature to shine and showcase their talents.

Nobody fails, whether it’s straight up lyricism, vivid storytelling, high energy flows, or mellifluous hooks, each member fulfils the promise. Hard-hitting, tongue-twisting, wind-it-back rhymes and looping flows keep coming at you, alongside the soulful grit of “Stuck Wit U” and “PRO”, and the dark cinematic groove of “The Victory” and “4 Da Streets”.

Rarely this year has compilation album produced such a strong batch of foreboding, street-level slappers. The producers’ sonic fingerprints – from Hot Rod and Jr Juzreal, to Juvi Henderson, Geekboyy and J-Rod – are unmistakably all over these joints, and blend extremely well with the flows and narratives delivered.

The beats are a crowning achievement – gritty, cinematic, and hard-knocking. Through it all La Familya give us a tour de force of their dominance.  “The Baggage Claim” has the ability to rattle the cage and ruffle the feathers of an industry that needs to be disrupted from its current slumber.



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