Reign Lowell – “Withdrawals” – a complete, passionate, and soulful performance

Reign Lowell is an underground artist from Hawai’i, who has been quietly making music for the past 10 years. Lowell is stuck in area that produces mainly Hawaiian Reggae, while he is desperately fighting to branch out into R&B/Hiphop. Currently the odds seemed stacked against him, but Reign Lowell isn’t giving up without a fight. He has just stepped up to the plate with a brand new single, entitled “Withdrawals”. This song is a very personal one, which talks about his ex-girlfriend. Even though he is in a new relationship, with a person he really cares for, Lowell still desires his ex in every way, especially sexually. He claims that he has never been this intimate in a song before. “Withdrawals” talks about how no one has made him feel the way his ex-girlfriend did, and how he thinks about her all the time…to the point of withdrawal.

Reign Lowell takes us on an introspective trip while creating some of the most imaginative urban music around. The production is exceptional, with smooth, soulful vocals and ambient keys offset by whip-crack drum programming, bringing moments of pure body-high pleasure.

The track is so brilliantly realized it makes Lowell’s narrative seem like the height of romantic sophistication. His voice, particularly when drowsily tossing out metaphors or soaring in its upper mid-range, is a beautiful instrument that always ties the groove together.

Reign Lowell’s one-track mind is invaded by external forces, and interior afflictions which impair the balance of his existence. He is not only preserving the memories of his past intimacies, he is deepening them, and suffering for it.

Lowell has the ability to twist catchy pop influences into a subtly subversive R&B soundtrack. He shows his everlasting dreamer mentality, as he indicates that it is almost impossible for him to just let a good thing go. With an impressive range, Lowell masters getting his sound and narrative to jell together cohesively.

Reign Lowell’s unyielding vocals and yearning heart, paired with sultry production introduces a sexy sounding record for those looking to immerse themselves in a heartrending story. The track is smooth, calling for an easy-listening experience.

“Withdrawals” is sure to expand Lowell’s presence, and we can trust that he will continue to provide us his authentic emotions that many modern-day artists lack. Vocally, he delivers a complete, passionate, and soulful performance.

Reign Lowell consistently exhibits exceptional insight, and understated swag. The singer is able to hold a steady note, a factor that will appeal to audiences who value an unadulterated voice and raw ability. Artistically, he understands his musical identity and niche.

All he needs to do is get one foot inside the industry door, so he can prove any possible naysayers wrong. Infused with an undercurrent of today’s musical trends, “Withdrawals” is a testament to Reign Lowell’s talent for thoughtful and creative urban music. Overall, it is a representation of the singer-songwriter’s feelings, concerns and hopes.


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