Prophet – “Seventh Sin” – a masterpiece of musicianship, composition and vocal prowess!

Trevor Scott aka Prophet is an artist out of Alma, Michigan who has been performing since the age of 7. He also plays in a Kiss tribute band called Kisster. Trevor loves the thrill of the stage, and has been touring around the state of Michigan for the last 20 years, opening for artists such as Candlebox, Ratt, Brett Michaels and others in the process. Prophet currently has a brand new album available on major platforms, entitled “Seventh Sin”. Musically, this album is as heavy as hard rock gets, as it perfectly blends into metal. However, as good as the heavy tracks are, it’s in the power ballads that this album really shines. Why? Because apart from the bone-crushing guitars and pounding rhythms, this album’s major secret weapon is Prophet’s vocals. His voice reaches into our souls.

The album kicks off with “Mass Illusion”, where wailing guitars, rolling drums and an energy that had me bouncing drives this track. It’s overflowing with meaty riffs, catchy grooves and pulverizing drums while being inclusive of the raw, strip backed emotional stuff.

Prophet definitely has a knack for expressing his emotions through his vocals. This naturally brings us to the slower “Mirror Land”, and as you might expect, Trevor Scott is in his element, as his juggernaut vocal cords soar above big bold riffs and across and infectious melody.

Prophet, clearly on supreme form throughout the album, is able to sells us any musical backdrop with the sheer force of vocal skills. It’s back to the grindstone on “I Will” with its ever changing dynamics.

Prophet is in beast mode, with slamming grooves propelling his giant hooks along, he sounds exactly like the kind of cocky bastard that should be filling stadiums. The title track “Seventh Sin” is another monster stomp that utilizes the soft-loud dynamic, with Prophet switching from insouciant crooning to scabrous roaring with complete ease.

“How Do You Know” introduces the thoughtful jangle acoustic guitars. This is a sure-fire moment for every smartphone in the house to light up and twinkle, as the arrangement steadily builds to its, crescendo with layer upon layer of vocals filling the airwaves.

The mellifluous “Feed the Machine” comes replete with generous helpings of vein-popping percussion, and hook-filed chorus. “Something Has Changed”, presents one of the album’s more racy and bludgeoning moments. The track contains kick-drum abuse in droves, packed with metronomically tight fills that sound downright explosive.

Thick and creamy, “Take Me Away” forges more bruising riffs, melodically soaring vocals, and some effortlessly epic drumming, which leads us to slow burning final track, “Vanish”, which once again showcases the phenomenal pipes owned by Prophet, alternating between a snarling roar and a seething whisper.

This, and other songs on the album, are bound to sound even more gut-busting heavy when played live. Every once in a while, an album comes along that reminds us of what should be done within a certain genre.

“Seventh Sin” is a masterpiece of musicianship, composition and vocal prowess, in which Prophet gives us a taste of what this genre sounded like when it ruled the world. If real hard rock and metal was ever your thing, Prophet will leave you begging for more!



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