Lyndon Rivers – “Take On The World” is his most ambitious and interesting track to date

Immediately, Lyndon Rivers’ aim of complete reinvention on his latest single, “Take On The World”, is clear. The standard four-on-the-floor beats, predictable build-ups, and boring bass drops heard in every EDM single nowadays are pushed aside on this track. Instead, we are given ultra-lush synth runs, high energy bass loops and vocal melodies that soar sky-high as an experience. The track’s tone is set by an extraordinarily powerful female vocal-driven melody, and the eclectic mindset of an ultra-forward-thinking producer.

While at first, “Take On The World” seems to be going in a distinctly synth-pop direction, Lyndon Rivers then hits us with all sorts of twists and turns – arguably this is the most standout track of his entire catalog. I know I keep repeating this phrase, but the fact of the matter is, Lyndon is constantly evolving into a consummate music producer at every level.

Lyndon Rivers continues to carve out his own style of electronic dance music through his numerous collaborations, which create an amazing vocal variety and allow him to really explore his tracks. Therefore, listeners who have enjoyed his constant sonic experiments will dig the fact that Rivers is diving in and milking all of his apparent strong points on “Take On The World”.

Perhaps Lyndon Rivers’ most ambitious and interesting track to date, “Take On The World” leaves the audience with a sense of having undergone a journey filled with sonic wonder. With huge waves of energy felt in his music, Lyndon, a while ago, began something that even the most well-known and experienced electronic artists often lack – the ability to make the listener feel immense emotion through his music.

“Take On The World” brings a fresh sound many popular electronic artists have yet to venture into. This type of constant rhythm-changing, glitchy electronics, is not unwelcome, but is definitely different and more challenging than the typical mainstream EDM we often hear. Lyndon puts listeners in touch with energies we are not always expecting from this music, as he rips the skin off of the typical electronic animal in this new release.

The song is definitely displaying an evolving side of the producer Lyndon Rivers, with a blend of electro, hardcore, techno, and house, creating his own version of EDM. Being glitchy and complex, but at the same time, smooth and powerful, “Take On The World” is absolutely what you make it. Lyndon tells his own story with this project, but also gives the listener space to make it what they want it to be.

Lyndon Rivers’ music is very unique and recognizable. It’s artistic and it sometimes borders on challenging, which is not too common in today’s dance-pop sphere. With a beautiful and impacting vocal sound, well-crafted melody and excellent production, “Take On The World” is a great new addition to Lyndon’s catalog.

It proves that his music is not just a series of loops put together, but is actually musically excellent, with the format and final delivery as complex as any fully orchestrated popular song you can think of in the genre. Lyndon Rivers has just taken his sound to the next level.


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