Lilla Tillo – “Just A Dream” pursues her own trajectory

Both wise and vulnerable, Lilla Tillo’s latest single release “Just A Dream”, is strongest when applying layers of her spectral, unforgettable voice and incisive lyricism to a recognizable acoustic convention, then subtly twisting the structure from the inside with her subtle emotive nuances. At the same time, the song demonstrates a sense of calm, and strength. Not bad for a 15 year old singer-songwriter who crafted this song all by herself. It’s the stripped-back quality and the meticulously structured storytelling that are so effective on this track. Understated and always emotionally involving, “Just A Dream” shows an artist who has already found strength in her convictions at a very young age.

Of course, an artist’s personal life is always going to be part and parcel of their music, so I’m almost sure the narrative of this song portrays an experience lived. Lilla Tillo’s focus on her individuality and authenticity seems to be her mainstay.  As such, “Just A Dream” is a deeply introspective and personal track that’s unadorned yet powerful.

Throughout, Lilla relies on austere instrumentation, exclusively guitar. In turn, she utilizes lyrics emphasizing her apologue while illuminating her musical and personal expression. The track documents Lilla Tillo as a young artist who is courageous enough to subvert the expectations proscribing style and sound.

Rather than adhering to current market expectations and trends, Lilla pursues her own trajectory. Her ability to differentiate her artistic integrity from the crowd, imbues “Just A Dream” with a sanguine and empowering assurance.

Her vocals, being accompanied by only an acoustic guitar, creates a translucent space between the listener and the artist, giving rise to her own individuality. The song’s deliberation on the past, and questioning the present, while envisioning the future, is a powerful method for achieving balance and awareness in a precarious situation.

“Just A Dream” reflects Lilla Tillo’s ability to confront and scrutinize in a way that enshrines her music as a reflection of life and reality. The song’s impressive harmonizing works into a soulful gesture full of feeling, as well as gorgeous bridges and choruses. Lilla is doing with grace and casual virtuosity, what many artists twice her age struggle to do: looking quietly inward.

Lilla Tillo is a singular artist, someone who walks her own musical way. Being a distinctive stylist means she can create evocative moments within the simplest of arrangements. Her voice makes her songs sound like they were born from the same moment of affliction and joy which is uniquely her own.

At just 15, Lilla Tillo’s tone conveys a lifetime of living. In the spirit of its singer-songwriter style, “Just A Dream” strays down an understated ear-warming path, not yielding to any temptation to trim or heighten the song, to better suit a Spotify algorithm.

If Lilla Tillo’s music tells us anything about how it feels to be an autonomous young female musician, it tells us there’s a sense of self-empowerment to it all. In that context, it’s a reassuring, replenishing listen.

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