J.A.S – “The Only One” – a triumph of a track bristling with pop sensibility!

J.A.S is an artist from Manchester UK, who has been releasing music for just over a year now. Previously she wrote for others, as she had not found the sound she wanted yet. Eventually she kicked things off with her debut video “The Only One” which gained attention on YouTube. This gave her the confidence and the following she needed to drive her momentum, which resulted in the release of various singles. Inspired by Lil Peep, and the lo-fi emo sound, most of her song were slow and dark, until her latest single release, “Never Getting Older” which aims to recreate the sound of the type of fun, indie pop music she grew up listening to.

J.A.S is an artist who juxtaposes her sweetly innocent voice with hauntingly personal lyrics and a creatively unpredictable musical approach. Her songs reflect the intimacy of all the sentiments we experience in life and love.

She explores her subjects with a raw, visionary emotional honesty that sets her apart from other indie female singers. Her music mixes an avant indie-pop ethos and gentle melodies with bursts of electronic atonality, rock guitars and mood-driven balladry.

“Never Getting Older” is one of those songs that grab you from the first note and never let’s go. Even never having heard this artist before, you are instantly drawn in. She delivers rich music and lyrics that are stand-alone poetry, but never pretentious or contrived.

Her voice is magnetic, the song is immediately catchy and relatable all at once, showcasing truly innovative songwriting. The arrangement is full of surprises, hooks, change-ups, electronica, retro guitar and warm pad sounds, all in one package.

“Never Getting Older” is a triumph of a track bristling with pop sensibility. J.A.S’ brand of poetic lyricism, capable of grand sentimental gestures and clear-eyed assessments of psychological nuance, explores volatile feelings with plain-spoken specificity. She grabs your attention with the revealing details of a simple narrative and the confident sound of her sultry voice, following the timeline of her life’s experiences in “Never Getting Older”.

She’s meticulous and precise, writing words with extreme clarity. She modulates her voice, keeping it on an even keel, never reaching for the drama of catharsis. Even when she sings in the first person, she sounds like a narrator, watching all of her experiences unfold from afar.

There is no letup in quality control throughout, and the musicianship sounds completely assured but never predictable. She’s found a whole new sound, just as glaringly observant and forceful as anything she’s done in the past, but without the melancholy.

J.A.S proves that she’s one of the best new female songwriters out there, offering an elegant, rich, and thought-provoking song. It’s sometimes surprising when you discover that pop songs, as colorful and vibrant as they often are, can be quite as absorbing. This is especially true on “Never Getting Older”.

J.A.S’ ability to utilize her personal journey against a backdrop of shimmering and luscious melody, creates a spirited, but visceral piece of art that bares it all. Though no longer dark and afflicted in her sound, J.A.S still makes music for the emotionally ravenous.


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