Kiara Kelley prods at the vulnerability of love and the consequences of yearning

Performer and singer, Kiara Kelley was born and raised in the Chicago area. She loves to create anything that inspires people to dance, sing, cook, or paint – all things she loves to do herself. Her songs are meant reflect life experiences and inspire actions to create new memories with loved ones. “Some songs are meant to make you think, some to remember, some to inspire, and some to dance,” states Kiara. The poetry on these tracks is transcendent, the phrasing and atmosphere sublime, and Kiara’s voice is, in a word, perfect. It’s easy to get mired in superlatives here, because they’re all accurate, but the melodies are gorgeous too.

Kiara Kelley lyrics are extraordinarily deft on “Playing With My Heart”, featuring many memorable lines which you should be familiar with if you’re in a relationship, and she manages to weave a vibrant, intricate tapestry without losing the emotional big picture.

The production lends an invisible hand in building Kiara’s sonic world. It offers gentle but steady piano, and muted thumping drums in an arrangement that is lush yet not muddled. In that space, the singer-songwriter’s perspective is heard clearly. “Maybe we can sit and talk about all the things running through my head. You’re everything I want and I need, but you’re playing with my heart instead.”

In her moment of doubt she delivers a vision that swivels internally and externally, as she searches for the truth. The music wafts in languidly and moves elegantly, while being spiked with poignant lyrics and nuances. There’s introspection, and most importantly, there’s roomy, broad production.

“Don’t Be Shy” is more fleshed out with a warm electro-pop vibe pushing its mid-tempo momentum. Kiara Kelley sings with performance-ready generosity and studio-inclined efficiency, while the production jettisons any sonic sluggishness in favor of crisp instrumentation: wistful piano, light synths, bass accents, and subtle guitar.

The simple yet beautiful melody will capture your full attention, as will the relatable subject matter. Like any exceptional art, your emotions will no longer be your own, as for the impacting three minutes of “Don’t Be Shy”, Kiara Kelley determines your mood.

Listeners of both Pop and EDM will truly fall in love with this track from the start, as the sound of the rhythm beautifully blends with Kiara’s powerful, velvety vocals. This track encapsulates everything that makes Kiara Kelley such a compelling artist. Her elegant and honest delivery over a dreamy but rhythmic electro instrumental ensures she is both, heard and more importantly felt.

Kiara Kelley’s creative art is a far cry from the exasperation of her more pretentious peers. She prods at the vulnerability of love and the consequences of yearning, going from tender, soulful melodies, to soaring choruses, while never losing the stylistic gracefulness of her voice. The emotions brought out by these songs emerge pure, simple and relatable, totally eschewing the overwhelming melodrama of the modern mainstream.

Both “Playing With My Heart” and “Don’t Be Shy”, are perfect for those hot and breezy summer nights, when we examine relationships, perception, and our romantic realities. Kiara Kelley’s sweeping and evocative lyrics, will create thoughtful epics for you to ponder over.

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