RonSoCold & Ravi Woods – “Girl Wit A Brain” culminates into an artistic explosion!

On June 12th Indus Street Entertainment announced the latest single release from RonSoCold & Ravi Woods, produced by DJ Flippp & Nik Kill Rock, entitled “Girl Wit A Brain” (remix). Ravi Woods is an American rapper and songwriter who was born and raised in La Puente, CA, a city on the outskirts of Los Angeles. He is a second generation Asian Pacific Islander whose parents migrated from the Koronivia village in the Fiji Islands. His debut EP was produced by 2X platinum producer NickEbeats s (Fetty Wap, Drake, Rich The Kid, Jay Critch, PushaT, Fatboy) and DJ Flippp. Now together with North Carolina rapper RonSoCold, they drop a brand new track produced by DJ Flippp (Lil Yachty – Famous Dex – Ugly God – Playboi Carti – K Supreme – SmokePurpp – Lil Reese – CHXPO) and Nik Kill Rock.

RonSoCold & Ravi Woods sound humble almost to a fault, coolly intellectual, without forcing their level of intelligence down anyone’s throat. Together they reset the bar for expressive turns of phrase and sensitive, erudite examination and observance. The level of conceptual vision both Ravi Woods and RonSoCold possess is evidenced just in the clever descriptors they use to twist well-worn trap tropes into exhilarating moments.

The scintillating hi-hats and snares of “Girl Wit A Brain” (remix) provide plenty of space for the rappers to stretch their lyrical muscles, unspooling a knotted, double-weaved flow that sounds as improvised in its delivery as tightly-devised in its construction.

The atmospheric and melodic arrangement treats the beat as a texture as much as a rhythm, while Ravi Woods and RonSoCold skirts hip-hop convention to create a sound and an approach distinctly their own.

It’s also obvious in his raps that Ravi Woods understands, it’s not just about thinking, but expressing, that makes the genre captivating. With a rollicking lyrical flow and a resonant impacting croon, Ravi Woods and RonSoCold respectively perform effortlessly over an array of ethereal keys.

Each of their enunciations is clear, carefully and precisely delivered, and for a moment the music surpasses catchy, drifting into the realm of mesmeric. The two, carry the track, the lyrics guiding it along and ultimately leading it into the earworm chorus.

The final product proves to be a fresh and engaging experience that shows off a markedly impressive musical care. It would seem, Ravi Woods and RonSoCold have delicately evaluated their music-making priorities, and the result is indicative of this care — an able and gripping track that delivers the musical and lyrical smarts the hip-hop and trap scene thrives on.

All of this culminates into an artistic explosion which leaves the artists to solidify the song’s worth, which is where Ravi Woods and RonSoCold drive their convincing campaign home. After listening to “Girl Wit A Brain” (remix) the first time, you’ll want to play it all over again, instantly.

Indus Street Entertainment is a recording label consisting of Multi-Platinum producers and influencers whose list of musical collaborations span a wide range of genres from Rock to Hip Hop. Using their industry experience the company provides services in artist development, music production, licensing, publishing, video production, promotion, graphics, and media relations.



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