FromKing – “Electric Pump” – A sonic vessel that contains the force of his vision!

The Italian DJ/Producer FromKing, started out playing in the most prestigious underground clubs in the early nineties while constantly developing and channeling his creativity towards various media outlets, such as special events, TV commercials, and product launches of international importance. After years of travelling around the world and gaining experience FromKing started working on ethnic music and traditional folk sounds which he would rework into his own house and progressive house blends.

Time waits for no man in electronic music. Swim fast to survive or be eaten by the fast turnover this genre creates. Hence coming straight off his recent original remix of the Italian anthem, entitled “Let’s Restart (Italian National Anthem)”, FromKing launches himself into a brand new challenge with his pulsating and throbbing dance single, “Electric Pump”. Alive and fueled with artistic exuberance, new ideas come quickly for the Italian.

“When I thought of this piece, I was thinking of something that reminded us of electricity, the basis that connects us everywhere today, and something that had to do with rhythm. So an electric pump came to mind,” explains FromKing. “I looked for a rustling base that recalls the noise of electricity and a series of sonic blends that, growing with the tempo and rhythm, could deliver the pumped part. Everything is always very electric, as if it were inside a power plant,” concluded the Italian producer.

“Electric Pump” emerges from the other side with forceful momentum. The thumping percussion punishingly pushing the four to the floor rhythm into focus. The luscious layers of synths eventually blossom into a steady processional menagerie of warm, bright and twisting sounds.  

“Electric Pump” takes everything good about FromKing the producer – his uncanny ability to build a song out of parts no one ever thought to put together before, that idiosyncratic electricity noise, his ear for a dance beat – and concisely packages it into his most penetrating record yet.

The Italian producer pairs hisses, warbles and rustles, with a thumping percussive beat that could bulldoze a building down. To listen to FromKing is to marvel at how he’s essentially rebuilding his EDM aesthetic from scratch.

His music appeals to the part of the brain that craves grandeur. “Electric Pump” is maximal in a joyful and uplifting way rather than just a way that sounds good on big festival speakers. It’s a four minute sonic vessel that contains the force of his vision.

With “Electric Pump”, FromKing has shown that he has turned yet another corner in his artistic life. Finding his feet and planting them firmly on creative ground, he is carrying more meaning with his music than he has ever done before.

While FromKing is no stranger to sonic journeys or innovative sound design, his layering and sound choices are more deliberate, creative and mature on “Electric Pump”, and the single benefits from it in every way. This is certainly a track that needs to be in your upcoming summer playlist. The song drops officially on all major digital download stores, the 30th of July 2020.


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