Matilde Girasole – “Cup Of Tea” – an impeccably crafted, and gleefully executed project

“Cup of Tea”, the new single by Singapore- based Italian teen singing sensation, Matilde Girasole, is a masterpiece. The production is crisp and rich, it sounds expensive. Her vocals line up with the lyrics, working to make a production that is reminiscent of the 90’s diva years, but still gives you today’s fresh pop sound. Matilde is quickly growing to soon become one of the most captivating young singers we’ve seen in recent memory.

She’s got the whole package. An amazingly unique voice, a passion about what she does and isn’t afraid to show it and she’s one of the most genuine young ladies out there. It’s very clear she cares about her music and adores her fans. Those, to me, are high quality attributes for anybody working the entertainment business.

Having said all of that, it makes it even more exciting that Matilde Girasole’s new single, “Cup of Tea”, is pure joy from start to finish. Produced by Roberto Vernetti and Michele Clivati, and Mastered Antonio Baglio, this song is one of those rare finds.

It has a 90’s kind of vibe to it that just makes you want to dance. It’s also filled with motifs of self-empowerment that will make you smile with uplifting joy, and who doesn’t need more of that in their life right now?

The songwriting and production on this track are superb, while the bass parts are irresistible. It has the driving feel of great power pop from long ago with the polished up front vocals and ear candy of modern electro records.

It’s an impeccably crafted, gleefully executed project of pop perfection that reminds you how good it feels to be human in times like these. Matilde’s performance is passionately exuberant. Her powerful voice cutting straight through the arrangement vigorously without missing a single note.

Matilde brings a certain kind of dancefloor groove and attitudinal buoyancy back into pop music at a time we need it most. There is no doubt in my mind that Matilde Girasole and her production crew are setting her up to be the next big thing.

She also always looks her best, and in the video of the song, self-shot during lockdown, Matilde dominates each frame with her smoldering looks and uplifting vibes. Moreover, Matilde Girasole’s talent is as obvious as her physical features.

There is still a hidden dimension to her voice and persona that will eventually emerge and blossom with time, allowing Matilde Girasole to revitalize pop music. In the meantime, the sound, concept and overall feel of “Cup of Tea” is so neatly packaged that Matilde already sounds like one of pop music’s biggest stars.

In a game where so many artists chase trends, the Italian songstress has maintained a tight level of consistency and integrity with her music. “Cup of Tea” is a wonderfully produced and performed track from a confident and surefire future pop princess.


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