Josh Christina is able to create a vintage sound

1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll is a sound from the past but singer-songwriter, Josh Christina, has focused his career on the revival and enhancement of this retro style. He embraces and enhances the music of the 1950s, brings back the nostalgic feeling and excitement and creates captivating tunes all while playing a mean piano. Natural talent and distinguished piano skills are part of what makes his music stand out.

At an impressively young age, Josh Christina is able to create a vintage sound representing tunes similar to those of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and others. His mean piano skills are what make his music so impressive. Christina started to play piano at age 15, after taking a trip to New York City with his parents to see Million Dollar Quartet on Broadway. He quickly discovered the piano was his newfound passion. At a time Josh Christina even tried taking formal piano lessons however he decided that he hated the discipline of it and quit. His preference of piano playing sided with the retro high energy tunes heard in songs from artist such as Elvis.

The backbones of Josh Christina’s style are his distinguished piano skills and vocals. His high energy piano playing is appeals to all generations and is guaranteed to get listeners off their feet and moving. His music is driven by an infectious blend of piano driven, high octane boogie-woogie style. All of his music effortlessly showcases his piano playing abilities. Josh Christina’s unique and energetic piano style instantly makes any room come to life.

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