Lyndon Rivers – “We Can Make It” – rolling drum rhythms across snaking synth riffs!

Lyndon Rivers is an electronic producer as exciting as he is enigmatic. Carving a path through the through these last couple of years with a renowned ability to fluctuate, altering his musical identity entirely from release to another. His latest single release “We Can Make It”, is an intricate and calculated track in which Rivers layers intense rolling drum rhythms across snaking synth riffs and sporadic stop-start tempo spikes. In direct contrast, the song is marked by profound moments of soulful troughs, before inevitably rising back into its anarchic peaks.

The musical arrangement present on “We Can Make It”, represents some of the finest and most varied to be found across any of Lyndon Rivers’ projects; packed with ideas, the single seamlessly sways between eclectic fervor and soothing clarity.

In fact, through its intricacy and single-mindedness the track takes on a hypnotic quality. The track intersperses its bubbling percussion with angular synthesizers all whilst the persistent vocal offers sticky and catchy one-liners that rise into funky falsetto tones. It is an open invitation into a world abundant in sound, creativity and fractious thought.

“We Can Make It” isn’t overly accessible on first listen, but it is a release which perfectly reflects the finest elements of Lyndon Rivers’ oeuvre. It is a record liberated from convention, and confident in its depth. In short, it is classic Lyndon Rivers: chameleonic, challenging, and stylistically capacious.

Whatever the theme or the situation may be, every time Lyndon Rivers releases new music he makes a point of not repeating his past self. In his new work, “We Can Make It”, it feels instantly like that promise of striving forward is forcefully continuing. The catchy, scaling melodies, over the polyrhythmic foundation are fantastic, bringing forth a mesmerizing effect in the recording.

From the polyrhythmic rhythms, Lyndon Rivers forms unusual time placements that arrive in an unpredictable manner, randomly popping on the soundscape and adding pulse to the textures, unleashed by the synths and vocals. The track also sees a tribal characteristic come forth through the percussion, providing a further mystical layer to “We Can Make It”.

“We Can Make It” is a track of sumptuous electronica, crammed with ideas and fueled by an edgy vigor. The care lavished on every individual sound is immediately evident – this is a track built for listening to on a decent set of headphones, its impressively layered blips and beats are an absolute aural delight.

A track like “We Can Make It”, twists and turns, constantly changing shape, employing an impressive arsenal of ever changing blips and bleeps and wonderful vocal infusions. There is a fidgety energy at work that suggests that Lyndon Rivers is already conceptualizing his next idea, long before he is done with the one at hand – Rivers maintains a hyperactive creativity that never settles. Once again, Lyndon Rivers is wholly recommended to anyone looking for an entry point into the creative, non-conventional side of EDM.


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