Ed Roman – “Tomorrow Is Today” – a fresh sense of innovation!

Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer-songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist from Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Ed is an Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, an International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, a Josie Show Awards winner, an Akademia Awards Winner, and a two-time Indie Music Channel Award winner. The 2017 Radio Music Award winner for Best Americana Artist, is also a #1 iTunes charting artist.

Brilliant, as Ed Roman’s work consistently continues to be. If you like anything he’s done previously (which is an incredibly stunning catalog) you’ll love his latest single “Tomorrow Is Today”. If you’re not familiar with Ed, take the time to listen to his work. I don’t know of any more amazing artist. This new single confirms what fans of Ed Roman have been banging on about for years: that he is one of Canada’s most adventurous and underrated indie songwriters.

After an opening straight out of the stomp and grind songbook, “Tomorrow Is Today” piles layer upon layer of organic sound into the mix, creating a crushing wall of sound through which Ed’s soaring vocals sandblast a clear-cut pathway straight towards the chorus. The bridge and pre-chorus establishes sweet flowing mellifluous vocal passages, before Ed introduces the surprise synth motifs.

Ed Roman’s musical palette is broad, and “Tomorrow Is Today” reflects that; it is truly his masterwork, a culmination of all of his musical tastes and styles into a raw, yet pristine track that transcends all other work he has done thus far. The song is driven by a snarling vocal delivery, and a dynamic backdrop of sound.

“Tomorrow Is Today” magnifies melodious sounds, along with harsh, boisterous and dissonant percussion, as well as contrasts the organic with the electronic. This broad scope of vision gives the track a fresh sense of innovation. “Tomorrow Is Today” is a revelation, a musical work that avoids the constraints of the modern mainstream, and yet plays to it while embracing a musical vision that is Ed Roman’s own.

“Tomorrow Is Today” is a track that is stunning not only in a sonic sense but in an artistic sense as well. While Ed Roman will no doubt in the future, add many more singles and albums to his discography, this single is a time stamp, and standalone symbol of his uncompromised musical vision, which still remains accessible and earworm catchy, something to admire in an era of cheaply made pop music.

Ed Roman proves once again that he continues to consistently have plenty to offer those who are willing to immerse themselves into his musical world. “Tomorrow Is Today” blends in a concurring melody with Ed’s trademark arranging complexity, into one of the most enjoyable and easily digestible listens of his musical career. The abundance of ideas here, also suggests that Ed is planning an even brighter future.



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