The Marica Frequency – ‘The Clone’ – transportive in an evocative way

The Marica Frequency is an alternative folk/indie band from South Wales, UK, founded in 2015 by songwriter and producer Chris Evans. They released their first, independently produced album entitled ‘Nursery Rhymes’ back in 2017. ‘The Clone’ is their fifth album release, and is a follow on from their successful 2019 album release ‘Delicate’. To brutally honest, I’m not sure that the folk/indie tag does this project any justice at all. The Marica Frequency fits into a music echelon that’s not only eschews genres but abundantly transcends them. When I listen to their songs, I simply hear music without limits or boundaries.

‘The Clone’ summons an ethereal vibe, which is evocative and majestic. Its orchestrations soar, its chorales mesmerize, and the lead voices warm you. From the very opening notes of the album, on “Cryostasis” you can sense the emotions The Marica Frequency will invite you into: comfort, euphoria, curiosity. The tracks are masterfully organized, weaving their trademark exultant and richly orchestrated stylings along with charming instrumental interludes and stunning vocals.

And like much of the band’s catalog, ‘The Clone’ leaves you with standout songs and a wealth of passionate moods. Everything on here is equally good and capable of satisfying listeners. On this album, The Marica Frequency proves it can both evolve and retain the magic that always makes their excellent. And they start doing that from the stunning “Stay in the Light”. The song starts simply enough, but once the instrumentation begins to swell, the soulful vocals glide in effortlessly to dominate the expansive arrangement.

“Out of Nowhere” is equally as impressive. The feelings that the song transmits are simply captivating, taking full advantage of two distinct worlds – the crunchy rock based instrumental, and the languishing, wistful vocals. The mellifluous “Don’t Hide Your Eyes”, awakens a distinct feeling of melancholia, even when it raises its tones and a certain flamboyance rises to the surface. The Marica Frequency has thrived by performing this amazing contradiction in its music.

Musically, “The Process” flows between cinematic and ambient stylings, while the various electronic orchestrations have an incredible impact. “Once Upon a Time”, is both ethereal and embellished with a compelling mood, driven by warm pianos, emotional strings and whispery vocals. All of which makes the song transportive in an evocative way.

An inquisitive spirit and willingness to dig into varying atmospheres and sounds, in search of fresh perspectives, as well as The Marica Frequency’s ability to embrace its sonic blends with charm and authenticity, is what makes disparate works like “Breathless” and “The Other Side” worth cherishing. These are grand and sweeping compositions, which still sound intimate and personal.

The album closes with the washing sways of “Roots”, which develops into a really haunting and sophisticated soundscape. There can be no doubt that The Marica Frequency has created a stunning record with ‘The Clone’, which requires a great many spins in order to get the full effect of the brilliance contained therein. With vocals and music that are stronger than ever, this is the sound of an established and confident artist using music not only to express himself, but also to work through the world’s existential issues.


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