Max M – I’ll Be Up ft. Chris Willis – a winning collaborative effort

DJ and music producer Max M has set the night aflame with a new tune titled I’ll Be Up. This symphonic jewel adds another title to Max M’s emerging catalog. His recent tracks Never Wanna Leave and Under Water ranked first and fifth on the American DJ site – Digital DJ Pool. As a man of many talents, including a professional career in computer science, Max M reentered the world of music at the age of 40 after establishing a career in technology.

I’ll Be Up affords Max M the opportunity to impart another creative junction of audible glamour that is equally tasteful. Guest vocalist Chris Willis is just what the doctor for the danceless and stressed. Chris uses the paintbrush of chorale for an over the top but well appreciated singer with an imagination. He is able to mesh with I’ll Be Up’s musical synergy.

I’ll Be Up builds off the theme of a broken romance and nobody is getting any rest until things are resolved. The lyrics seem somewhat introspective. Max M’s production is the cinematic recipe that gives these thoughts form by means of a varied drum pattern, moving bassline, fluctuating synth and electronic sounds. I’ll Be Up is a winning collaborative effort, good for the rhythmic gusto and lovers of an inventive gnosis.

Bio: An unusual career path. He’s seen as one of the world’s French experts in his IT field but this hasn’t stopped Max M from having two careers. Who says you can’t be an electronic music producer and a key player in an American multinational. Max M is planning to release a lot of great music in 2020, fresh off the successes of «Never Wanna Leave» and «Under Water» which ranked first and fifth on American DJ site: Digital DJ Pool. Both tracks generated a lot of attention in South America, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. The tunes are infectious and will seduce from the very first notes. Max M’s love for music began in his teens when he used to compose and DJ. He then went on to concentrate on his other passion: computer science, which he studied at university. Through this he embarked on a brilliant career. When he reached the age of 40, he decided to rekindle with his first love and took piano lessons and trained in production in order to get back behind the synthesizers.

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