Rhythm Affair – “Crapping Out” has the allure of a precious artifact from some bygone era!

Rhythm Affair is an Indie band from Las Vegas Nevada USA. The band, made up of Tulsa Flood (vocals, lyric writer), Mason Kirk (rhythm guitar, music writer), Matt Brady (lead guitar, keys) Bob Vaden (bass) and River Rhythm (drums), perform original Psychedelic Blues/Progressive/Rock music. Rhythm Affair have just released their 2020 compilation album via Las Vegas Rockin Records. It contains a collection of singles they have dropped during the past two years (2019-2020).

When it comes to soulful, fuzzed-out psychedelic blues rock, Las Vegas’ Rhythm Affair are easily one of the leaders in the genre, if such an oddly specific genre still exists, in the age of computer assisted music, that is. It’s kind of hard to believe how genuinely fantastic their newest compilation album “Crapping Out” really is.

The great thing about a band like Rhythm Affair is that regardless of what kind of guitar-driven rock and blues-based music you prefer, there really is something for everyone in this album.

If you like your rock a little driven and groovy, they’ve got you on tracks like “Boulder Highway Hooker”, “Sold To The Man” and “Subtle Tyranny”. If you prefer something more melodic and laid back tracks, “Moirai” and “This Livens Up The Day” are perfect. Especially the latter track, where Tulsa Flood’s mournful vocals, sulk beautifully through the slow jangle of the guitars, in a song about the Brenda Spencer School shooting.

On the other hand, if you’re an aficionado of heartfelt female voices, “Precious Days” is the way to go, as you sink yourself into the afflicted narrative of substance abuse and lost love. If you want something memorable, and atmospheric, with a combination of deep and resonant male vocals from the voice Tulsa Flood and ethereal female harmonies, along with some superbly subtle guitar work from Matt Brady, “Her Grave” is another great offering from this album.

This track quickly grew on me and I fell in love with Tulsa Flood’s vocals; it’s like a serenade for the deep-thinking and dark mannered folk. It’s a soulful performance that can reach the lonesome blues in anyone’s heart.

Finding legitimate rock n’ roll is an increasingly difficult task this day and age, sadly. Sure, lots of people are playing modern variations of rock, but it all seems to fall by the wayside in terms of being something less than forgettable. Fortunately, Rhythm Affair is a band that has not only found their signature sound, but they keep expanding on it enough to keep things interesting,  and each song which gets progressively more incredible.

All throughout this album the excellent guitar work is evident and psychedelic in atmosphere. There’s a lot going on in these tracks but it never gets messy, and that’s the beauty of the way Rhythm Affair write their music. Rhythm Affair has the allure of a precious artifact from some bygone era. They are really good at doing what they’ve set out to. They come across committed less to the superficial trappings of their genre sound than to their own song-craft and performances, and that allows them to carry over these tracks with authenticity.

Bob Vaden and River Rhythm drive the momentum of the engine room, making sure each rhythm stays comfortably in the pocket. Mason Kirk and Matt Brady explore their guitar dynamics, adding extra sonic dimensions, and embellishing track after track. Tulsa Flood’s vocals is the cherry on top, the conclusive element which ultimately gives Rhythm Affair its defining sound. The album “Crapping Out” really caught me off guard, and kept me hooked from start to finish.


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