Ohene delivers emotional depth, poignant lyrics, and riveting musical concepts

Ohene is a certified artist from Harlem, New York who wears many creative and performing hats. Besides producing (Korg Electribe, Monologue, & Sp404), he plays the drums, guitar, and keys, as well as being a singer and songwriter. Ohene also shoots introspective visuals, organizes events, and pops up in some of your favorite Films, and TV shows whether comedy or drama. In summary, he is the total package. Ohene states that 2020 was the year he was reborn, and opened his third eye. “I’m a late bloomer and this is my coming of age story,” explains the artist. “I survived the sordid ghettos to create global change through art. Love is my mission. I’ve been mysterious and holding onto my gems until now, to incubate the creation process and truly make my voice heard.”

456 Cover Art

Ohene’s creative streak coincides with a series of single releases – among them “456” (1.24.2021), “The Potion” (2.14.2021), “Peacemaker” (4.20.2021) and “The Self Care Song” (7.24.2021). All of which are available to purchase on Bandcamp now.

Ohene transposes crystal-clear artistry through visionary textures; spiritual, physical, emotional and somewhat mesmerizing, these forward-thinking urban music projects, stand as deep-rooted expressions, considering love, introspection, and esteem for life’s most exquisite affections.

These tracks are pristine bodies of work, full of character and soul. The lyrical content induces joy and justifiable self-reflection, while the productions are intricately rhythmic, ever-changing, and sprinkled with sparkling twists and turns. These songs encapsulate Ohene’s refined wonder and, while also beautifully depicting his artistic talent as an experience to be savored.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Ohene doesn’t simply create music for mainstream radio play and mass consumption. He knows exactly what he wants his tracks to sound like. The hard part is melding his complex creativity down to a manageable and accessible consistency.

Something he achieves brilliantly from the outset, with the single “456” produced by Sigi.  It maintains a funky hip-hop drive, while Ohene forges sophisticated, sharp-witted rhymes, and a melodic soulful hook, that any radio would play.

Peacemaker Cover Art

Ohene’s creative process is fueled by perfectionism, the type which wakes up early to style intentionally beautiful music to carry through the day. The chilled, jazzy elegance of “The Potion” produced by Sigi, is something to behold.

The acoustic guitar motifs, and saxophone interludes, weave a wave of comforting warmth on which Ohene’s intimate baritone, and Phuoc Phat’s resonating higher register fabricates an interlacing tale of heartfelt desires and sentimental anecdotes. You’ll soon be singing the hook: “We’ve got too much motion. Wavy like an ocean. Drinking on your potion.”

The most interesting accomplishment of Ohene’s music, is its ability to unpack itself when listened to in a different mindset, each reveal seemingly so apparent that you wonder how you missed it the first time. His music fully rewards listeners who are able to put time and patience into the play through. There are so many moments of beauty and awe that hitting the replay button should be compulsory.

Producer Sigi

Tracks like the “The Peacemaker”, produced by Frenchie Hunt, showcases Ohene’s ability to rhyme and flow with effortless ease. The track is meticulously structured according to conventional hip-hop wisdom, and rich groove-driven orchestration. Soulful, impeccable production shines through every bar, which finds Ohene celebrating his skill. As a communicating tool, his voice is gorgeous and able, and he revels in it.

“The Self Care Song” has an expansive and spontaneous vibe about it. As if the song started out as a simple one-man jam and then grew into something bigger, more layered and complex. However, all throughout, it never loses that vibrant live-take feel. It reels you in from the first bar and refuses to let you go. It can be said without doubt that this series of singles are full of emotional depth, poignant lyrics, and riveting musical concepts.

Ohene’s ability to emote and stimulate thought, within the confines of any given soundscape, is another one of his singular gifts. Here Ohene and the crew of creatives who work with him, create their own high standard of music, based on a free spirit that doesn’t pay attention to genres, boundaries and trends.



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