“Stronger Than Me” the new single by Lord Spark, out now on digital stores and on VEVO

“Stronger Than Me” the new single by Lord Spark, out now on digital stores and on VEVO the 22th Feb. The song is a confident, focused, infectious effort from an artist who is navigating his newly found creative atmosphere. A student of his craft, Lord Spark has achieved a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Popular Music. After abandoning the heavy rock imprint that characterized his earlier works, he immersed his talents into a new dark pop style, filled with angelic choirs, orchestral elements, 80s sounds, and pounding beats. Empowerment and beauty are the main themes explored in his work, but love and personal tales are not neglected.

Lord Spark has a stellar voice, one that’s able to cut right through and production and totally captivate. On “Stronger Than Me” he’s turned up, assertive, and definitely brings some grit to table as he navigates a pop dance beat, infused with powerful and hypnotic reggaeton flavors.

Lord Spark delivers a rousing performance with incredible nuance. But besides the strong, passionate vocals, the production also attempts to steal attention.

Pop audiences have probably been expecting a male performer to dabble in more dramatic productions with cinematic flair, and Lord Spark beats the competition to it, while also setting the bar exceptionally high, on both the single and the video. The artist and his team were able to outdo expectations and provide a strong audiovisual template that sounds, and looks, like pop gold.

Even when the energy and rhythm is pumping hard, and the production demands attention, Lord Spark injects the song with a resonating vocal, and a captivating narrative. All throughout, Lord Spark ensures he’s connected to the song as much as he knows the listeners will become.

“Stronger Than Me” is a lesson in pop precision, with the new tune ascending Lord Spark’s status as one of the more exciting male pop artists on the horizon. It’s refreshing to see an artist revel in the creativity of his art, as it elevates both the visual and audio quality of the record and video as a whole.

Lord Spark’s confidence is one asset that cannot be tainted or minimized, it is an essential element on a recording that is brimming with globe-conquering potential.

The overriding vibe on Lord Spark’s new record and video, is one of an artist unafraid to tread his own path, and strike out in a whole new direction. “Stronger Than Me” seamlessly blends first class production with a perfectly concocted rhythmic foundation and lyrical whimsy. All of which is supported by a soaring vocal performance and an engaging visual.

“Stronger Than Me” is shaking off the shackles of the usual pop monotony, cutting loose and giving us a track that resonates with personality and rhythmic vibrancy. He also constructs a mysterious visual paradise on the official video of the song. The track holds all of Lord Sparks’ emotional sparks and afflicting thoughts close to its heart, putting them on the line for the pleasure of our ears, and eyes.


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