Lyndon Rivers – “You and I” – both a chill and exciting listen!

Armed with an impressive array of instruments and sound effects, the new single by Lyndon Rivers, “You and I”, is packed with splashy piano riffs and soft, surf-like drops that almost demand beachfront listening. The track clearly follows Tropical House’s sunshine recipe for success. The popstar vocals excellently punctuate the feel-good vibe with sentimental lyrics that make it a song worth bellowing along to at max volume.

The track presents another extensive twist in Lyndon’s body of work, showcasing the multi-faceted producers’ trademark blend of instrumentation across a brand new production.  “You and I” documents his continual growth as a producer and marks a new chapter in his music career.

Sure, no one could listen to “You and I” without immediately recognizing a slight Kygo influence. The beach-ready beat, the catchy vocals, and tropical house elements prevalent throughout could fit in seamlessly among those Kygo hits.

It’s the music of happy times. You can dance to it, but you can also slot it into a yoga or gym playlist. There’s a big marketplace for light, agreeable electronic pop, and Lyndon Rivers has latched onto a proven formula here.

Tropical House’s popularity has been helped by shifts in the EDM landscape, such as the rise of dance music as a force at festivals, where the notion of beautiful, happy, young people relaxing in the sun fits perfectly with tropical house’s self-definition.

Lyndon Rivers has an incredible sense of melody, and he has been very smart to work with a variety singers both male and female, in the past. All of which helps him to put the smooth relaxing melodic groove into this song.

Just by listening to music, you can become a part of exactly what Lyndon Rivers wants you to feel. The rush of energy from the drums, the elegant touch of the keys, and the alluring glaze of the melody.

These three aspects create the perfect recipe for a chill and exciting listen, as the track ebbs and flows through its bouncy motions. “You and I” sounds something like a blueprint for a summer jam, as the singer professes: “You and I, we are perfect together.”

With this newest single, “You and I”, Lyndon Rivers once again exhibits his mastery in the studio with the balance of elements – chopping, cutting, pasting, speeding, slowing and putting all the pieces of his almost five-minute musical puzzle together.

Depending on what side of the ocean and planet you’re on – whether you’re enjoying the song’s warmth during the cold winter or truly swaying through summer nights, “You and I” is a radio-ready pop-dance and Tropical merger appropriate for any and all seasons.


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