DJ Sharpcut delivers a head-rush of adrenaline pumping music!

DJ Sharpcut has been writing lyrics for other artists and DJ’ing at hundreds of shows over the last decade. Now, he is producing powerful songs under DJ Sharpcut. His song “The Power of One” is a tribute to the legacy of George Floyd and the struggle of all people for respect and equality, while the track “Dark Angel” lets people dealing with depression realize they are not alone. Now, if on hearing the name DJ Sharpcut, you’re thinking of elegant, four to the floor, electro beats, and shimmering synthesizers, put you headphones away, this is not for you.

Embracing electronica and twisting it up in a tornado of nu-metal emotions and alt-rock riffs, along with soaring anthemic vocals, DJ Sharpcut has evolved his own particular hard-hitting template.

His ability to compose songs that appeal as much, to die-hard alt-rockers, as they do chart-music consumers. The arena-driven chorus-heavy attack of “The Power of One” blurs the lines between the industrial crunch of alt-rock, and the lung-busting vocals.

Though this is a style of music not known for being the most lyrically resonant and conscious, DJ Sharpcut has challenged that notion with “The Power of One”. He brings the usual powerful guitars, strong rhythm of drums, and the driving force of the bass.

However, this time he also bring the singer’s grungy sky-reaching voice, coupled with strong, meaningful lyrics to push the project to new heights. The theme, an ode to George Floyd, gets its message home, loud and clear. This is not only a catchy song, but it’s filled with empowering lyrics.

In a cultural landscape where mental health in music is moving away from its status as a taboo subject and becoming something in which musicians can talk about comfortably, without prejudice, “Dark Angel” is a window for people suffering with depression to look into, and find others. This is the kind of track that sets DJ Sharpcut apart from his peers and contemporaries right now.

Whereas many of them are focusing on feel-good party anthems, DJ Sharpcut gives us a masterclass in coming to terms with the well of emotions that lay inside of troubled souls, in “Dark Angel”. The song has a great concept I think many people can relate to, when they just cannot see the end of the tunnel.

The rage and the frustration is expressed through the vocals, while the wall of bone-crushing guitars drive the momentum of the song. This passion makes the audience resonate with DJ Sharpcut because he can relate to others in similar situations.

Even though the vocals and lyrics make the music stand out, these songs have phenomenal, monstrous instrumentation and beats all around. DJ Sharpcut delivers a head-rush of adrenaline pumping music that’s good for the mind, body and soul!

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DJ Sharpcut “The Power of One”

DJ Sharpcut “Dark Angel”

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