Swerve God – “Hollywood” ft. KingDot – confident and self-assured!

Artist and entrepreneur, Swerve God has been performing and making music since 2008. He has opened for a few main stream artists such as ASAP Ferg, MGK, Super Duper Kyle and Aaron Carter. He has joined up with KingDot on the single “Hollywood”. The track, though smooth and soulful in its surface aesthetic, is the product of lyrical urgency and spontaneity which surges through its runtime. The artists’ combined potential feels limitless, in an intense, yet loose, freewheeling set of rhymes, which hover around the track’s three minute, backed by an exotically infused production.

A lot of “Hollywood” will feel familiar to listeners, not in any literal sense but merely for the legacy of sounds it descends from, but it’s not a reproduction popular templates so much as a new interpretation of the hit-making tricks to elevate the rhymes and banging groove of what Swerve God and KingDot deliver here. Their sound is distinct, and their creative appetites are high on this track.

“Hollywood” succeeds because it is a flurry of sounds, shapes, textures, and raps that are fire. Swerve God lyrical sharpness is just as consistent as everything else on this track. There are a handful of lines which quickly spark the intended reaction, and when those moments pass, they are usually followed up by even better bars. Swerve God indeed sprinkles his potential throughout this track, hinting at what is still to come in subsequent years.

“Hollywood” shows Swerve God lyrical growth and vivid storytelling skills. He gets his point across by rapping sharp metaphors with a calculated cadence, as the song shows both Swerve God’s music knowledge and his experimental side. He also flexes how easily he can switch up his flow. Swerve God carefully juxtaposes a swirling, sometimes snarling delivery, with an intoxicating, floating hook in the background.

Swerve God and KingDot are both very modern, of-the-moment artists, but they throw in all kinds of clever nods to the music they presumably grew up on too. However, there’s no excess fat to be trimmed here.

It’s a record that builds itself on a tight percussively-dominated track, with not too many frills, beside the mellifluous background vocal.  Up front, where he becomes incisive and insightful, Swerve God pushes the momentum and takes care of business putting real care into the construction of the song.

Swerve God may be a fiercely independent artist with no major label backing or corporate sponsorships whatsoever, but he’s unfazed by this, and nonetheless has no trouble imbuing his music with exciting, quality hooks and infectious, ear-worm melodies all on his own.

He proudly releases his music via 925 Records, which he co-founded with KingDot. Swerve God and KingDot work well together and understand what each is trying to achieve creatively. is confident and self-assured, and there’s no stopping him from here.


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