DJ Chart – “Something in the Music” ft. Pappie Khay – a smooth dance-floor groove

Producer DJ Chart has never been one to shy away from quality songwriting or excellent features. In fact, his material has become aligned with the kind of pop-styled sound that has allowed others in the EDM world to rise. On his new singleSomething in the Music”, he delivers a club-ready track that still embraces a Top 40 vibe. DJ Chart has tuned his ear to both pop trends and underground sounds in his career. This unique journey has always poured through his music and here he unleashes his heart and soul on the dance floor.

On “Something in the Music”, DJ Chart teams up with the singer Pappie Khay, whose full name is Pappie Khay Carmine and is also known under the pseudonym El-Carmine One. Pappie Khay is also a vocal coach, composer and fashion designer. Together the two, round up a stellar mellifluous introduction which serves as the perfect segue into the center of the track, bubbling with resonant basslines, and twisting synth-lines.

Pappie Khay’s soulful delivery brings raw emotion to a tune with a smooth dance-floor groove, rich in melody and harmony. As the track progresses to a more energetic vibe, the tone is set to move into the dynamic chorus.

“There’s something in the music that sets my heart on fire,” sings Pappie Khay. The formula of a knocking bassline, an ambient yet ear-worming melody, and a vocal performance that simmers to a boil, works to perfection on “Something in the Music”.

Enough can’t be said about how funky the bassline is of “Something in the Music”, and how robust and a smooth, Pappie Khay’s topline needs to be, in order to stay above the low-end of the bass or the synths. Something he pulls off effortlessly.

However, DJ Chart focuses mainly on working to provide a solid beat base for the singer, by never allowing the music to be too overwhelming or stuffed with useless sounds. The easy addition or subtraction of the instruments gives this track a cool feel as it crescendos.

DJ Chart provides a substantial base for Pappie Khay to work his vocal magic upon. The singer’s vocals are what holds the song together nicely, and gives it an interesting vibe. However, the work of these two contributing artists obviously improves the track on a whole. The melody leading up to the drop is exciting, the drop is great, and Pappie Khay’s vocals in the lower intensity portions are spot on too.

“Something in the Music” combines all of the elements that we’ve previously been exposed to from DJ Chart – strong vocal components, a solid mix of electronic melodies, and an impenetrable foundation of bass.

The beauty of this kind of crossover production, is that as difficult as it is to categorize, it sounds like DJ Chart. The song radiates a soulful warmth that stands out as a unique yet functional adaptation of the producer’s style.

DJ Chart’s work has always impressed greatly, and “Something in the Music” encompasses everything that he has always done right.


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