Prynce P ft. Motian, IQ Muzic, Bubba, K-Rino & Susy Solis – “My Apology” – a search for redemption!

Prynce P, artist, CEO and founder of Pohectic Life Records, the Dallas, TX independent hip-hop label, has accumulated a vast number of achievements in his career. Aside from releasing the biggest hip-hop compilation album out of Dallas, Texas featuring legends like Paul Wall, Lil Flip, Spice 1 and more. Prynce P has collaborated with Grammy rapper Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, while Pohectic Life Records and The Valley of the Kings Studio recorded a song with Houston legend, Paul Wall. In 2006 he recorded a song for Chuck Norris and his fighting show, The World Combat League.

In 2013 he received an award from Congress Woman Johnson, Amnesty International and The House of Representatives for his single “My Paradise.” He has also found his way into more than 75 magazines, while his music has appeared on countless radio stations.

After the release of the compilation album, Prynce P had decided to record 6 more singles before retiring the mic. His first single, entitled “The Triple D Cypher” was released on 6/14/18 which also made history in his city as he featured 14 of the hottest rappers out of D-Town – Mr. Pookie, Big Tuck, Headkrack, Keynote, Motian, Eclipse Darkness, Microphone Lewis, Teleoso, Alsace Carcione, Ritchy Flo, Rakim Al-Jabbaar, Bobby Fisha and IQ Muzic.

The 2nd single,  “My Apology” was dedicated to Mother Earth, and featured Motian, IQ Muzic, Bubba, Susy Solis and one of his all-time favorite rappers, K-Rino. The single was released on 4/22/19 (Earth Day). This was followed by his 3rd single, “Reloaded”, which featured Flexinfab, Flower Child, DQ Hampton, Eclipse Darkness, Motian, GSpook, IQ Muzic and Tony Ballard Jr.

After a merited break, Prynce P returned to the studio during the difficult and troublesome year of 2020, to create something lighthearted and uplifting. He called on Eclipse Darkness, Bubba, Microphone Lewis, Keynote, Motian and IQ Muzic to work on “Rudolf – The Triple D Remix”, which was released on 12/14/20, and supported by an animated music video. Prynce P is currently back in the studio, working on his last 2 singles with producers Cloak Beats, Vani Music and Billy Syn, which he is planning to release end of 2021.

In the meantime, we need to take a step backwards to seriously appreciate the Prynce P masterwork, “My Apology”. It is beyond any reasonable doubt that our planet is in distress, from pollution to overcrowding to climate change, and that if these processes are not reversed, this planet, as we know it, will be doomed.

“We created this project as a form of an apology to Mother Earth for all that we have done to her,” explains the song’s linear notes. “This song is meant to remind us all that she is hurting and that we need to take action.”

Yearning for redemption, the narrators in this song lament all the damage that we have done to the earth. Between fire spitting flows and mellifluous ear-warming hooks, “My Apology” wraps its soaring motifs around your ears and buries the truth of its words deep in in your heart. It references the detrimental impact of our negligence and wrongdoings. The song creates urgency around taking action and encourages us to wake up and do something now.

All-round performances by Prynce P and features, Motian, IQ Muzic, Bubba, K-Rino & Susy Solis are top notch, bringing the core message home while entertaining listeners at the same time, with smooth diversely impacting flows, and flawless melodies. Just like nature’s ecosystem, “My Apology” hosts a complex multiplicity of elements that function together as a whole.

It’s the totality of the sound and performances that interact with the consciousness of the listener. Produced by Cloak Beats and Billy Syn, mixed and mastered by Valley of the Kings Studio, “My Apology” is completed by a music video directed and edited by Nima T.


Cover art by Ali Charmz


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