Alfreda Gerald – “Broken Promised Land” recaptures all of her magic!

Alfreda Gerald is an international songstress whose talent rises above genre and style. She has appeared in shows worldwide and performed at some of the most prestigious venues across the globe, including the Royal Albert Hall, Madison Square Garden, Sydney Opera House, The Acropolis, and Wembley Stadium. She has performed with Cher, Celine Dion, Sir Elton John, Whitney Houston, Yanni, Warren Haynes, and many others. If you wanted to stylistically tag her talent, you would need to include classical, soul, pop, blues, rock, R&B, and EDM to the list.

Alfreda Gerald recently premiered her brand new single “Broken Promised Land”, and it’s supporting visual. The track is a symphonically arranged, cinematic rock epic, on which Alfreda is able to flaunt her unbelievable vocal ability. Listening to this track, it’s extremely hard to believe that Alfreda is just back from a 15-year hiatus away from the music scene.

“Broken Promised Land” showcases superbly expressive and exceedingly riveting singing, atop stirring instrumentation, which launch into absolutely stunning climaxes, during which Alfreda Gerald exhibits fantastically forceful vocal work which electrifies.

The dynamic, multi-layered musical template, designed by Trammell Starks (London Symphony Orchestra) – the producer and arranger of the song – is the perfect backdrop for the singer’s powerful and crystalline voice, all of which lends the track, written by Grammy award winner Warren Haynes (Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule), an even more pronounced intensity and emotional resonance.

The tremendously invigorating three minute, rock tour de force, is introduced by an enticingly goosebump-inducing opening, before the incomparable and extraordinarily talented Alfreda Gerald, alongside some stirring instrumentation, erupts rousingly above an incredibly energizing and magnificently arranged musical bed. The song is beautifully nuanced, with its peaks and valleys, allowing Alfreda to perfectly present her dramatic narrative.

“Broken Promised Land”, is a song for, and about our times. “The world has been through so much recently, and the Promised Land that we all thought we had, or were looking for, turned out to be broken,” explains Alfreda Gerald. “So many of us were forced to do things we thought would never do, just to survive. Some turned to selling drugs, drug and alcohol addiction, or were forced into the streets by lack of financial resources. Many were forced to live in abusive conditions, even deciding to sell their souls. That’s what this song is about. We’re here now, and it doesn’t taste like freedom,” she concludes.

Saying that the nuance, range, beauty and sheer power of Alfreda Gerald’s singing throughout “Broken Promised Land” is breathtaking, is not hyperbole – it’s simply doing her talent justice. And, of course, the arranging and production showcased by Trammell Starks here, is also deserving of the highest praise, as is the fountain of inspiration – more precisely, Warren Haynes’ songwriting. Whether it’s subtle or thunderous, the instrumental work is enormously affecting throughout the song.

Engrossing, exciting, deep, meaningful and impactful, are all words that easily go together, to describe the indelible impression left after listening to “Broken Promised Land”. The power that this song generates is phenomenal, with the expansive instrumentation, assertive vocals and insightful lyrics that pull this track together and make it incredible.  On her return to the grand arena, Alfreda Gerald recaptures all of her magic.


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