H2SO4 – “Telepathic” is another fine addition to their already splendid discography!

In school textbook explanations, the reaction of water (H2O) and sulphuric acid (H2SO4) is very exothermic and gives out heat to its surroundings. In real cases the reaction is not just exothermic when added to the concentrated sulphuric acid, it can boil and spit dangerously. In the case of the electronic indie collective, H2SO4, it can even meld back together again, for more explosive sessions of creativity.  Their beginnings established in the late 90’s, the band released a series of singles and a couple of albums, before co-writer and producer Andy Phillips broke away from H2SO4 to form the production partnership Bombay Monkey with Guy Martin. This left Graham Cupples and James Butler to continue making music as H2SO4. Now two decades later, they’re apparently all back together again, on the project’s upcoming album release, “Love And Death”, set to drop on July 23rd 2021.

In the meantime H2SO4 have also released the single “Telepathic”, to whet any eager appetites. Traces of house, techno, electro and pop, blend with darkwave styled vocals, in an airy retro-futuristic mash-up that is immediately infectious. The song transitions freely and gorgeously over glowing, washed out synthesizer impulses and a driven rhythm, creating a delightfully poignant and pensive feel, regardless of the brisk tempo.

Supremely groovy, “Telepathic” is full of charm and beautifully retrained in its instrumentation and arrangement. The motto of “less is more”, is successfully carried out in this track. In fact when it comes to clever instrumentation, general tastefulness and downright pertinent wordplay, H2SO4 deliver in a big way. The beat and vocals collide to create a simmering, bopping atmosphere jutted with elusive keys.

Yet for all it’s the pulsing energy, “Telepathic” is so beautifully chilled, to allow the vocals to simmer moderately just above a conversational whisper. What better way to get a full immersion into the group’s mindset, than to be able to hear every single word clearly. Hence we discover an infinitely danceable tune cut through with cheeky humor and a sharp observational edge.

“What do you think I am, telepathic? I saw your Instagram, heavy traffic. I get the message, you talk the talk. And now it’s time for you to, walk the walk,” recites the chorus with just a flicker of tongue-in-cheek contention. The messages that H2SO4 serve up feel truly relatable, in these technological times, flavored with the social media bent that we’re living through.

H2SO4 sound comfortable, and deep in their own pocket here, welcoming all electronic music fans, from any sub-genre extraction, to join them in their warm depths. They are plotting a course for rejuvenation.

This new single amply displays the same creative bravery and commitment to transporting their listeners to exciting musical realms that has propelled H2SO4 from their outset over two decades ago. In anticipation of their upcoming album, “Love And Death”, the single “Telepathic”, is another fine addition to their already splendid discography.

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