Romero Say10 – “Eyes Closed” is a truly absorbing release

With a rollicking lyrical flow and a smooth baritone voice, rapper Romero Say10 speaks effortlessly over an array of ethereal keys. Each of his enunciations is clear, carefully and precisely delivered, and the music surpasses catchy, drifting into the realm of mesmeric. He carries the track, his lyrics guiding it along and ultimately leading it into your conscience. This pairing of rhythm and patient lyrical delivery defines the rapper’s latest single release – “Eyes Closed”.

This new venture boasts a soulful, and profoundly self-aware brand of smooth rap. The final product proves to be a fresh and engaging experience that takes a markedly impressive look at musical care and moderation. Even as the track builds in intensity, it remains restrained, the beat always allowing space for voice. The less-is-more mentality is perhaps “Eyes Closed” most impressive asset.

Romero Say10 avoids barraging listeners, opting to deliver his lyrics over a shimmering, but minimal sonic backdrop, allowing the listener to focus on what he is saying instead of only the beat he is rapping to. “Eyes Closed” is a truly absorbing release for a creative hip-hop artist. It would seem Romero Say10 has smartly decoded his music-making priorities, and the result is indicative of this care.

Romero Say10 may be new name to your vocabulary, but in a world where hip-hop can get all too complacent, someone so deep-thinking and talented is extremely refreshing. The project’s backbone is a raw, honest conversation between the narrator and the listener as he skillfully unpacks his thoughts. It’s relatable, thought-provoking, and easy on the ear.

What makes “Eyes Closed” most compelling lies in the confidence behind its explorations, with Romero Say10 probing his subject matter, coming to conclusions and then more open-ended questions. It’s a hell of a lot smarter than the radio fodder we’re fed every day.

Fluidity is one of Romero Say10’s greatest gifts as an emcee, and his smooth, rhyme schemes are delivered in a steady ebb and flow. Fittingly, the track is buoyed by that same approach to lyricism, while in between weaving thought-provoking bars, Romero Say10 also takes time out to find a groove in the beat.

Romero Say10’s flow during his rhymes exhibit a concentration and determination that’s every bit as focused as his quest for self-realization. Moreover, his strong, deep voice embodies a sense of confidence that forces the listener to understand what Romero Say10 is about.

MORE ABOUT: The artist, Romero Gulley aka Romero Say10 was born and raised in Akron, OH. He started writing at the tender age of 6, then completed his first song at 9, and would later-  after learning about home recording from an older cousin – go on to record his first song at the age of 13. At 16 the precocious talent put together his first full project – the mixtape titled “Untamed” which was released via Datpiff, as well as physical copies which was distributed in high school.


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