Johan Davis – “Summer Again” transports the audience to a higher ground!

DJ and music producer Johan Davis, makes his debut with the Pop and Tropical house blended single, “Summer Again”. After a period spent between clubs and collaborations, Davis decided to take a break for a few years in order to devote himself to analyzing and innovating his sound. Now he is back in 2021 to refresh the hot summer days with a sparklingly cool sound that dials in the holiday mood.  However, amidst the head-nodding bang of the beat, and the sweeping bittersweet melody, lies an emotionally affecting story of a love lost to death.

As expected, “Summer Again” opens with emotional piano chords and a throbbing synth bassline. Johan Davis’ mix is a delicate, classy, yet resonant affair. Instead of swamping the soundscape with overbearing but lifeless bombast, the percussion adds a relaxed, island-esque vibe ideal for cocktails by the beach. The summery and soulful, yet melancholy-tinged vocals and thumping kick-drum joins in to also conjure a sunny paradise that will grab listener attention.

“Summer Again” has an irresistible bounce that carries a sense of both tenderness and feel-good vibes. It is the perfect aural embodiment of Johan Davis’ powerful production prowess.

Smartly driven by both instrumentals and lyrics, the song certainly does not come across as the attempt of a novice producer, and is profound in its own right. In fact, the style of the song, coupled with the powerful lyrics, make for a track that reveals a lot about the quality of music coming from Johan Davis.

The song not only has the hallmarks of what fans have come to expect from both pop and tropical house, as it delivers much more. “Summer Again” offers mood-altering musical enjoyment, running the gamut of thoughtful pop, energetic dance, sweet tropical rhythms, and cool repose – all within only 4 minutes. If you’re not won over by the chilled sonic taps, the sun-kissed piano riffs and club beat courtesy of Johan Davis will have you floating off to a Balearic beach in double time.

The contemplative lyrical mood might seem heavier than what you’d usually expect from a breezy electronic number, but it’s that added emotional depth that will keep it anchored to listeners’ ears.

For many, it’s a challenge to bring EDM into the mainstream without getting to bland or, worse, just too candy-sweet.  For “Summer Again”, Johan Davis latest studio single, straddling that fine line between creativity and commercially viability seems to be a walk in the park.

With “Summer Again”, Johan Davis is clearly trying to liven up the high expectations for this year’s EDM and Pop releases, delivering a refreshingly diverse track by combining the familiar Tropical House sound with both commercial grooves and energetic bass infusions.

In an era that is in dire need of relaxation, recreation and escapism from these troubled times, Johan Davis provides an imaginative, electronic beat that transports the audience to a higher ground, completely allowing them to zone out of the real world and into the gratifying enjoyment of music.


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