Funkatears Electro – “Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise – abundant in sound, creativity and fractious thought!

If you’ve listened to a Top 40 radio station sometime in the past year, you’ve likely not to have heard the eclectic electro project Funkatears Electro, led by producer, Vonsoh, who started his career in 2004. Their music is described as “surreal electro”, and is probably considered too bold and creative for mainstream. While Pop EDM producers make silly dance songs for the radio, Vonsoh creates funky banging beats, flavored with unexpected sonic flourishes, and off-kilter voices. Everybody knows EDM has been producing a massive amount of generic electronic music of late, but with this latest single, “Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise, Funkatears Electro show there is still plenty of creative life left in electronic music.

Funkatears Electro proves it is not afraid of exploring new territory when it comes to production while staying true to its roots. Clearly Vonsoh is a producer as exciting, as he is enigmatic, otherwise there is no other way you can stay in the electronic music business for so long. From the outset, “Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise feels assured in its own structured direction and bone-crushing rhythmic potential.

“Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise is an intricate and calculated track in which Funkatears Electro layers sharp drum rhythms across snaking bass synth riffs and sporadic tempo spikes. In direct contrast, the song is also marked by profound moments of peace, troughs in its intro in which to relax before the inevitable rise into its anarchic peaks. This is all garnished with flamboyant vocal adlibs.

The musical arrangement present on “Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise is packed with ideas, and seamlessly sways between primal rhythmic aggression and soothing clarity. In fact, through its intricacy and single-mindedness the track takes on a hypnotic quality towards its close. As a whole, the song is an open invitation into Funkatears Electro’s world, abundant in sound, creativity and fractious thought.

Things get a whole lot funkier on the Red Robin remix of “Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise. Basslines slap and pop, while the drums thump alongside the guitars, in pushing the song’s rhythmic momentum. This will have jumping and jiving your way across the dancefloor in under 20 seconds flat, proving once again prove that electronic music can be beautiful, playful and tantalizing.

“Jiggy is Luxury” ft. Luise is a release which perfectly reflects the finest elements of Funkatears Electro and Vonsoh’s oeuvre. It is a track liberated from convention, and confident in its depth. Funkatears Electro’s music should only be held to its own incredibly standards.

The constant unpredictability, makes its music thrilling. Trying to compare this music to that of others, or to position it within established trends, is pointless. In the end, it is another reminder to never sleep on Vonsoh, and provides a further mystical layer to the mesmerizing side of his work.


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