TERRA – “Lie In The Darkness” ft. ChrisT – expertly crafted, curated, and aesthetically captivating

TERRA is a writer and producer of all genres of music. She works with many different artists to bring her music and vision to life across genres such as pop, rap, R&B or gospel. A published poet and novelist, lyrics are an essential part of what drives her music. TERRA currently has 3 singles out: “Don’t Forget” ft. Luccidamus, “It’s All About Me” ft. Lizzy S, and the latest “Lie In The Darkness” ft. ChrisT. The latter track is a record full of all-embracing sounds and poetic lyricism that swells with emotion. The artist’s latest release demonstrates that TERRA is as innovative, nuanced, and brilliant as ever.

TERRA is a songwriter and producer purist in the sense that, apart from the featured singer, she does not require any assistance from outside teams to help her shape her vision. The artist takes credit as the producer, with all lyrics and melodies attributed under her name. This distinct separation from the cut-from-the-cloth pop star formula sets her apart from the mainstream schooling of her so-called peers.

The ebb-and-flow progression of the track, keeps the listener intrigued, especially when TERRA throws in percussive changes, drops and builds. This ever-changing soundscape closely follows the narrative of someone meeting a person who ticks all the right boxes, but whose touch makes them cringe because they cannot disconnect their lingering desires for their previously cheating partners.

Overall, “Lie In The Darkness” ft. ChrisT hosts a spellbinding arrangement of powerful vocals, enigmatic lyrics, and a dynamic beat that celebrates TERRA’s transcendent musical vision.

TERRA has clearly embarked on her own mission, bringing her keen pop sensibilities to a wide range of music styles she feels is cool and interesting. “Lie In The Darkness” squarely falls into that aesthetic, and is woven into a thoughtful and existential discourse, on the effects of passion, desire and love.

It’s a record by a creator who, to her credit, constantly wants to challenge herself, and in doing so challenges her audience to examine their emotions and the consequences thereof. “Lie In The Darkness” ft. ChrisT is a complex and fascinating exercise in studying life and love’s unexpected contradictions, burdens and struggles, because our inner emotions hardly ever lead to logical conclusions.

“I’m trying to be happy but he’s not the one. Cause he’s everything I’ve prayed for. Everything I’ve waited for, Someone who my friends adore…But when he touches me I flinch. When he kisses me I cringe. I close my eyes and pretend. It’s you not him. He deserves more than this. But my heart’s not into it. All that I can do is, Lie in the darkness,” sings ChrisT, as TERRA’s lyrics achingly describe the soul-searching dilemma at play.

It is incredibly hard not to be enamored by “Lie In The Darkness” ft. ChrisT – its lyrics, the vocals and the music. The song accomplishes the rare feat of deserving every good thing you could say about it. It is expertly crafted, curated, and aesthetically captivating. Underneath the hood, exists an extremely absorbing, emotional and intellectual quotient of substance which drives the music. TERRA’s talent, professionalism and workmanship is an accomplishment that deserves applause.

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