Vyblektro – “Leave Tonight” – well-crafted musical bliss!

Vyblektro – an emerging artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer originating from Sydney, Australia – quickly put me under his spell of smooth, but hard-hitting beats, soaring melodies and sonic experimentation. The man is truly gifted in his ability to compose unique, fluid, and complete tracks that could fit any listening format effortlessly. We recently got a taste of his brand-new upcoming single “Leave Tonight”, set for official release on 27/08/2021. And what a massive track this is. Opening with an incredible piano driven atmospheric intro that sets the tone for the rest of the record, the dazzling swooshing keys soon cascade into a dark, ominous mood, supported by ethereal, airy female vocals, until a thick beat rises and builds into a … Continue reading Vyblektro – “Leave Tonight” – well-crafted musical bliss!