Karan Patade – “Studio 3311” paints striking portraits of convincing sentiments

Karan Patade is a self-taught singer, songwriter and author who was born and bred in India. He released his debut album “Studio 3311” on his 33rd birthday. The album title is in reference to his apartment where he wrote and recorded all of the 8 songs during the ongoing pandemic. At first glance “Studio 3311” is twelve tracks on an album. In reflection, it is a modern pop symphony leaning on classic singer-songwriter elements, made up of 8 movements. A symphony born from a desire to analyze, elaborate and connect with people from all ends of the globe, and completed with a joy and yearning to create something infinitely precious. Under whatever guise you’d like to label it, this is a complete work showcasing all of Karan Patade’s qualities.

Karan Patade is obviously enthralled with the classicist singer-songwriter-type stylings, which can be found in his poetically vivid lyricism, and his keen ear for heartwarming melodies as well as lavish harmonics. However he’s certainly found a different road out of the borders, the singer-songwriter music usually inhabits. There’s electronic textures, lush orchestration, crunchy guitars and thumping urban-styled percussion, which we’ve come to expect from modern chart-topping pop and R&B hits.

‘Progress’ exposes the pure musical roots from which Karan Patade’s manifold talents stem.  An emotional, yearning song, – simply dressed in piano and drone-some bass – it opens the album quietly and serves as a wake-up call of Karan’s skills as a singer and songwriter at its purest level. It also cements the idea that this is indeed going to be a record of personal intent.

The instrumentation on ‘Wake Up’, makes for a rich blueprint and a relaxing concordance of musical ideas executed brilliantly. It runs on a rhythmic backdrop and allows Karan Patade’s vocals to break free effortlessly.

The song has all the makings of a mainstream radio hit. ‘Rocket’ is in the same prestigious league of luscious beat-driven music with subtle EDM tendencies. At the forefront, as always, is Karan’s superb crystal-clear mellifluous vocals.

Karan Patade also layers many of these songs in ways that are unpredictable, and incredibly effective, particularly noticeable on, ‘Waiting On The Summer’. The warm wavy keys are supported by trap like hi-hats and steady handclaps, as Karan’s endearing voice weaves its way across the soundscape, using interesting Indian melodic nuances in the lead motif. ‘Dotted Lines’ employs similar vocal ornamentation which truly sets Karan apart from most western-styled singer-songwriters when it comes to melodic complexity.

Karan Patade drives all of his potential into the catchy ‘All Of The Night’ – another song that could easily find its way onto any mainstream chart. This track is just as much danceable as it is listenable. In both the melody and the vocal lead, the tracks ‘Falling’ and ‘Born Someday’ made shivers run down my back, as Karan’s sublime performances brought back indelible memories of George Michael’s heartrending balladry style.

Karan Patade delves into his mind and emotion on “Studio 3311”. Accompanied by expressive pianos, guitars and electronic arrangements, Karan tells vivid stories of love, determination and understanding. It’s hard not to appreciate the pure talent, beauty and melody on this album, as it paints striking portraits of convincing sentiments through its all-embracing atmospheres. “Studio 3311” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to the album: http://hyperurl.co/karanpatade
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