Randy Wilde has certainly found his path!

From ‘broom guitar’ player during his childhood, to twice nominated, best bass player at the LA Music Awards, and performing with artists like Chaka Khan, Louis Johnson, Boo-Ya, and T.R.I.B.E., bassist, songwriter and performer Randy Wilde, has certainly found his path. But then again it runs in the family, as his uncle was the legendary Joe “King” Oliver from New Orleans, who became Louis Armstrong’s musical mentor. Finally breaking out as a solo artist, Randy has already released two singles – “Watcha Gonna Do” and “Rise Up” – as he continues work on his upcoming EP.

In a mix of pop, rock and funk, musically, there is nothing constrained about Randy Wilde’s performance as a vocalist or a bassist. It’s extremely organic, as though each song is unfolding right before you, rather than sounding labored in a recording studio. His tracks burst at the seams with wicked instrumentation, soulful vibes, and a dominant voice. Randy displays a wide range of musical influences and inspiration – among them Hendrix and Prince.

Like those aforementioned artists, Randy Wilde forces a narrow-minded industry to look outside its rigid, genre-ruled box. It’s what he does best: crowd-pleasing, positive-vibes, rock-based musical blends that you can’t ever really fault.

It’s all evident from his funky debut “Watcha Gonna Do”. Thumping basslines meet slapping drums, fiery lead guitar solos, and catchy choruses in an uplifting, and dynamic anthem. Its rhythmic, its banging, and its radio ready.

No matter which side of the fence you are on, there is no denying the world is in a state chaos. Socially, economically, politically, and beyond. Fortunately, in times of trouble, we can find refuge in music.

Randy Wilde seems to stand by a message of uplifting empowerment in his music, and his latest single, “Rise Up” is championing his positive messages once again. In fact, the beauty of Randy and his songwriting is he chooses to harness his emotions into creating something positive.

“Rise up and spread the power of love,” sings Randy Wilde, in an infectious melody propelled by a rocking beat. The singer-songwriter, wears his heart on his sleeve, and makes no attempt to cover up his musical influences, instead thriving in them.

This is what makes “Rise Up” such a good track; Randy’s obvious talent, and love of music comes through in the song.  Randy Wilde is kind of a musical sponge, taking in all the best bits of music, absorbing them and throwing out his own stylized pieces of brilliance.

Randy Wilde is socially-conscious, with the bigger picture in mind.  Whether he alone is able to change a crazy world with his rock-based ruminations, remains to be seen, but his heart and mind are in the right place. Both “Watcha Gonna Do” and “Rise Up” really have Randy’s songwriting muscles charged up, to become the pillars of these tracks.

These songs are also proof that Randy Wilde creates music and a style of his own wishes. A great thing, as it shows that he doesn’t follow any current trends as many other artists of his caliber have done. Randy keeps it real, which in the end will always lead to credibility as an artist.

Connect with Randy Wilde at his WEBSITE, or on INSTAGRAM.

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