Mr.Reaper drops “Thru The Dark” (Official Music Video)

“Thru The Dark” features high octane flows contrasted with an aggressive beat to emphasize Mr.Reaper’s message of balancing the light and dark. The music video is dynamically shot in locations like dim alleyways, fluorescent tunnels, and an extravagant performance theater that emphasize the internal battle of the struggle and success. As the rap begins to build momentum, we see Mr.Reaper battle with the yin and yang versions of himself. This visually powerful shot gives an inside glimpse into how the artist controls his doubts and ambitions. As an exciting conclusion to the video, we get to see Mr.Reaper proudly step onto a stage where he fully embraces the duality of his mind but still showing that he sees best when he is in the dark and things are hidden.

Mr.Reaper – Thru The Dark (Official Music Video)

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