Lyndon River – “Never Let You Go” – innovation within familiarity!

I could go on about the effortless likability of producer Lyndon River’s music, but the most critical takeaway is how keenly nuanced diverse every single track is on behalf of his unparalleled attention to and manipulation of detail. Without all the disparate blips and radical alterations, each of Lyndon’s songs would sound like a bland follow-up to the previous one. But it doesn’t sound like that for the same exact reason why Lyndon River’s has established such an iconic DNA to this point: He capitalizes on what other artists might consider irregularities in EDM, and he does it with a finesse that seems completely natural. As the obnoxious pomp and circumstance of big-blast EDM subsides, there’s never been a better time to be an innovative talent with an ear for exciting electronic music.

Lyndon Rivers shows himself to be that talent on his latest single, “Never Let You Go”. On the track we witness the Rivers formula in its most fully developed state. Clocking in at just under 4 minutes it exposes his versatility as a producer. Innovation is good, but innovation within familiarity is better and way easier to digest. And that’s what Lyndon Rivers achieves here. The track rides on simple and melodic synth motifs and percussion, allowing the female vocals to be the song’s focal point.

Whether you’re going for a drive or heading out with friends, “Never Let You Go” will have you coasting. From the start, Lyndon Rivers has delivered a sound he has made all his own, and he continues to do so. If there is any artist that knows how to capture a mood within the music, its Lyndon.

Once you’ve put your headphones on, you’ll notice the vibe. The track yet again demonstrates a flash of Lyndon’s brilliance with his eclectic and vibrant sound. It’s an auditory experience that tells us he’s not afraid of blending genres and traversing the realms of old school and contemporary.

The soulful voice coalesces into the shuffling beat on “Never Let You Go”, bringing together pop and EDM. Lyndon Rivers takes what is familiar to us and gives it a whole new spin on this track. By the end of the song though, it’s clear that this is someone who has skills beyond simple after-school messing around.

The whole production is a teaser of what Lyndon can do with the rawest elements. It showcases the effortlessness with which he seems to be able to collaborate and make tracks that fit his feature’s singing skills, while still maintaining his distinct style and desired mood of the song.

If anything, “Never Let You Go” is further evidence that Lyndon Rivers is a producer who has found his place and is very comfortable immersing himself into a multitude of musical contexts and expanding the possibilities of collaboration.


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