Steph Delz creates a sonic world entirely his own

Psychedelic, abstract and impressionistic, Steph Delz’s musical saga, starting in 2003 has had its fair share of ups and downs. You can read his Chrono-story at the bottom of this article for a more in-depth look at his return to school, his Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees between 2009 and 2016, and finally his return to music in 2017. His latest outings are universally impressive, maintaining creative production and thought-provoking lyrics within unorthodox frameworks. Steph Delz remains immersed in aural surrealism, but his production and rapping oddities end up a splendid fit for today’s forward thinking hip-hop landscape. A four minute acid trip, “Made Up My Mind” plunges us straight into another dimension. Over quaint beatbox-styled musings and evolving … Continue reading Steph Delz creates a sonic world entirely his own