Agito Maruyama – ‘In My Dreams’ ft. Coco Valentine is highly dynamic!

Agito Maruyama aka ItachiMode is a musician, composer and producer living in Japan. Originally starting out as a guitarist, Agito has played in various bands, pursuing his passion for a wide range of music, including Rock, Jazz Fusion, Techno, and Noise. In his solo career, Agito has concentrated his talents on composing, arranging and producing. In 2014 he started creating for many other artists and also developed an interest in field recording. In 2019 he dropped his EP, “Melancholy for 60seconds”, which was followed by the “dailylife” EP in 2020. A year later, in August, he released the single “Go With It” ft. Elle B, while in September he brought forth the EP “Epilogue”, inspired by a fictional movie, as well as the single, “Gets Me High” ft. Erin Ezekiel.

Relentlessly in the process of developing his career, Agito Maruyama now brings us his brand new song, “In My Dreams” ft. Coco Valentine”. And as can be expected, the transcendent force of collaborative excellency and electronic virtuosity is back with another project every bit as defining and massively decorated with genius as his previous release.

 This new single is cut from the same cloth as its predecessor with adjustments made equal parts from the shifts in Agito Maruyama own artistry and in music’s entirety since his debut.

“In My Dreams” ft. Coco Valentine” is another 3 minute masterpiece sure to be played by a horde of loyal fans making up not just electronic, dance and pop ears, but of every scene the world knows. Agito Maruyama is all-encompassing, and bordering on omnipotent in his role as a modern composer able to tie akin trendy sonic pleasures, with the tether of his own naturally rooted transcendentalism.

Though Coco Valentine is curated to perfection, the song’s ability to emerge as an unparalleled mosaic of modern music exists in its foundation – that of Agito Maruyama. There is no way to pull together such a wide-ranging swatch of artistry and sounds under one common umbrella without the genius work of a producer who fully understands the singer and the song.

Agito Maruyama showcases the immense beauty of modern electronic music, setting himself at the backdrop, as a producer who has mastered craft. He outshines a number of his peers with the way he simplifies complexity.  “In My Dreams” ft. Coco Valentine” is highly dynamic with its ever-changing rhythmic schemes and luscious string arrangements.

The song races along with a spirited momentum, a catchy melodic line, and unflustered vocals.  With driving percussion and resonant synths, this latest effort by the Agito Maruyama will have you dancing or singing along, mainly you’ll be doing both.

In My Dreams” ft. Coco Valentine” not only suggests that Agito has found his lane, but he is at the forefront of it. He has created his own musical space in which he delivers soundscapes filled with emotion that are sure to make you hit the dance-floor. His music soothes and stimulates at the same time.

In My Dreams” ft. Coco Valentine” also owns a bumping bassline which is balanced out with the perfect amount of energetic bounce and is a reminder to stop, digest, and appreciate the delicious tune being dished out. Above all else, the song shows us that Agito Maruyama is here to stay. From start to finish, the quality in production, and the featured vocals, is nothing short of masterful.


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