Backseat Serenade – “I Don’t Care” is a great piece of modern pop-punk!

Backseat Serenade is a Pop Punk band from the UK, who take influences from All Time Low, Blink 182, Pale waves, and The 1975, among others. The band has released their single, “I Don’t Care”, which strikes a balance between pop catchiness and punk energy. It has an endearing melody, an addictive chorus and immediately stands out for its steady mid-tempo pace and understated energy.

Discerning listeners will be able to hear clean guitar riffs and vocal harmonies that just wouldn’t normally be expected from a track like this. But then Backseat Serenade is no ‘normal’ Pop Punk band. They have a sophisticated sound that sits right up there with their elevated influences.

“I Don’t Care” is captivatingly listenable and has a singalong-worthy chorus, with the singer’s easy-on-the-ear voice – one of the highlights of this band – sweeping over the song, and allowing enough nuanced variants in his vocals to keep the track enchanting throughout.

But that’s no surprise, as often in pop-punk, it’s typical for the vocals and guitar to pull focus. The surprise is in the drumming, which is neither basic nor obnoxious, keeping a propulsive beat while adding an extra layer of subtle dynamism to Backseat Serenade’s sound.

“I Don’t Care”  is a great piece of modern pop-punk that fits in with the best songs the genre has produced in recent years and will be a favorite of pop-punk fans even if they have never heard of this band before.

The lyric “I don’t care if I waste time, as long as I get to waste it with you,” allows the listener to interpret the song the way they wish to, and place their own emotions, thoughts and protagonists into the lyric sheet. It clearly shows Backseat Serenade’s well-developed songwriting strengths.

At a two minute and fifty one second runtime, “I Don’t Care” in no way has the potential of overstaying its welcome. On the contrary, it actually induces hitting the replay button more often, because it’s all over too soon. This type of music isn’t attempting to push at boundaries, or reinventing the wheel. It’s exactly what you’d expect to hear from a pop-punk band who truly know their way around the genre, and an earworm tune.

A quick look at the charts, or a random listen to mainstream radio, will certify that there are certainly not many bands of Backseat Serenade’s sonic caliber, around in 2021.

It’s always is nice to find a band that is both easy to digest and has somewhat of a long lasting effect, as their sound builds expectation for future releases. Over the years, in the world of pop-punk, it seems that many bands have been able to master the former requisite, but have faltered as far as the latter option was concerned.

Backseat Serenade collocate themselves alongside the handful of bands who have struck the balance of both. They seem to clearly have a strong sense of what they want as far as their music goes. Everything sound’s polished, self-assured, and most importantly alluring to the ear!


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