Maini Sorri – ‘Tomorrow’ – full-bodied organic instrumentation and an elegant melody

Maini Sorri is a Swedish-Finnish singer-songwriter living in Sweden. She has composed music since she was a child and has studied songs, piano, music theory and composing. She records her own songs and has performed her music in concerts, on Radio and Swedish TV. Maini has collaborated with the female London producer Aubrey Whitfield who has worked with Kelly Clarkson, James Arthur and more. Grammy-nominated USA producers Brian Lanese and Orlando Mestre have co-produced many of Maini’s singles, and her ‘Bring Me Home’ album. Maini’s discography contains 6 albums, 3 extended plays and 22 singles, including her new pop single ‘Tomorrow’.

The story behind ‘Tomorrow’, is an interesting one. Many years ago, a local newspaper in Maini’s old hometown in Finland (before she left for Sweden) interviewed her. Years later that same interviewer, Marjo Pajuranta, sent Maini a poem, asking her to compose a song with it.

Originally in Finnish, with the title ‘Kauneimmat muistot’, Maini rewrote the poem in English, which turned out to be the single ‘Tomorrow’, while she kept the Finnish version as the track’s B side. Ready to be released on November 11th, the song’s instrumental was created by the Swede Jaakko Viitala.

In a genre as broad as pop, it can be hard for anything to stand out against the large body of work comprising the genre’s canon. But artists like Maini Sorri have perfected their own style of pop music. In that sense she sounds as fresh and creative as the giants of the genre.

With ‘Tomorrow’, Maini uses her stellar songwriting and vocals to create a captivating story sung over full-bodied organic instrumentation and an elegant melody. “Love is beautiful, life is meaningful when we open our heart,” sings Maini, in an ode to love.

Maini Sorri’s voice once again holds center stage here, taking advantage of the formality of the sophisticated arrangement, to craft something that feels like folk, but is rooted in traditional adult-orientated pop. Maini’s voice is unmistakable—but it doesn’t sound like a rehash of her previous work. Instead it feels like a synthesis of her older and more recent singles. The lyrics clearly come from self-experience, making the message all the more meaningful.

While good lyrics are vital to the success of ‘Tomorrow’, the instrumentation is just as critical. Many singer-songwriter tracks fall flat in this department, instead this song is brimming with beautiful instrumentation and exquisite vocals, which enhance the lyric sheet.

“Days will glow cause I love you so, and tomorrow my heart will be yours,” sings Maini, the allusions to eternal love, commitment and marriage is more than just casual. The songwriter reveals more of her wisdom and experience, in this track, through her clarity in storytelling.

‘Tomorrow’ just feels effortless. It serves a testament to how amazing Maini Sorri’s skills as a songwriter and performer are. Maini places importance on the words and their poetry. There is something so comforting about this, and her hypnotic crystalline voice.

Simply put, ‘Tomorrow’ is a beautiful song. Its gentle nature cannot hide the fact that Maini is a masterful performer, producing a song that walks a fine line between the simple and the complex, while still never losing that pure tone that permeates all of her work.

‘Tomorrow’ is released digitally November 11th 2021 by Reya Music, Stockholm Sweden. Photography by Johan Zetterlund.

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