SnapDibz – ‘Rivals’ ft. Rey Khan – soaring melodic choruses, earworm hooks and cutting edge rap verses

American born Indian rapper, SnapDibz is back with another radio-ready club banger, entitled “Rivals” ft. Rey Khan. If you like soaring melodic choruses, earworm hooks and cutting edge rap verses, this is your track. SnapDibz blends the same captivating sonic elements found on releases, by artists the caliber of Eminem, Rihanna, Gym Class Hero, and Adam Levine. This latest release, is a song which has the potential to be sung by millions of people the world over. Not simply because of its pure catchiness, but it because it advocates the art of coming together as a team to defeat your rivals. In the current global situation, the personal context of this song can be transferred and applied to a varied amount of human conditions.

Rey Khan has a powerful and distinctive singing voice, which is used to great effect on “Rivals”. It fact Rey has both, the honor and the task, of opening the song, and weaving listeners into its lyrical and melodic web, before SnapDibz swoops in for the kill.

It’s called teamwork, and it’s a highly effective tool used by the rapper, in almost all of his most significant tracks. Beginning the track in a realm familiar to the global listener, allows for a more exciting adventure into the edgy parts of the song. A tip of the hat to the good, moving on to the great, and back around again.

This formula is the key to the success of “Rivals” ft. Rey Khan. Catchy pop blended with streetwise rap is a pairing done seamlessly in this song. The more vengeful tones, are camouflaged in irresistible melodies and wistful production.

It’s a combination, and collaboration, that proves to be explosive. Among this, SnapDibz provides us a sprinkling of classic rap within an insightful project which is a testament to his versatility and willingness to do exactly what he wants, and what the mainstream public craves.

Fortunately for SnapDibz, he has always had broader musical ambitions than most of his rapper contemporaries: On his new single, “Rivals” ft. Rey Khan, he takes another step towards expanding those ambitions even further, without leaving behind his hip-hop roots.

By whipping out the best melodic and rapping elements of his craft, and putting the spotlight on it here, “Rivals” ft. Rey Khan could easily light the fuse that could detonate SnapDibz’s career at any given moment.

As he continues to craft hip-hop flavored pop hits, “Rivals” ft. Rey Khan should also remind listeners that SnapDibz’s musical evolution has been ongoing for some time. On each subsequent release his sound is more refined, more essential, and more chiseled down to the specifics of hip-pop perfection. It is a sound created by alchemy, rather than by chemistry – meaning that it’s more about the sonic magic that SnapDibz’s songs generate, than the formula that forged it.

If this all sounds rather complex and complicated – it’s not. Nothing could be easier than slapping on “Rivals” ft. Rey Khan, switching up the volume knob, and simply rocking out to the thrilling hip-pop groove SnapDibz’s has concocted here!


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