ATLS PLAZA N.D. – “ME / NOT ME” – a manifestation of a higher musical consciousness

When thinking about what constitutes mystical, spiritual and philosophical music, or who makes it, there’s a whirlwind of questions that arise. What do these aforementioned elements even sound like? Does the artist’s music itself sound as such? Is it the artist’s musical aesthetic or simply his outlook on life? Or both? ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s line of cerebral vaporwave music is a great illustrator for this quandary. Chill and smooth sounding on the surface, yet incredibly enlightened, intelligent and profound beneath, he also comes across as an extremely conscious individual himself.

A self-taught L.A. based electronica producer, ATLS PLAZA N.D. discovered Vektroid’s pioneering Floral Shoppe album – notoriously executed on a Macintosh Plus in 2011 – which ignited his interest in vaporwave. He thoroughly studied the sub-genre before creating his own inspired productions, and discovering his voice. Entrenched within the crevasses of ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s compositions, is his fascination with devotional music from India. All of which gives his own music an extra sonic dimension.

The EP “ME / NOT ME” is the perfect encapsulation of something we like to call conscious music, or music that is intelligent, mind-altering, meditative, amorphous, and makes you think. Exploring a dark and dense palette, there is also a profound sense of tranquility and beauty. This is what calls to the duality of the light-dark dichotomy prevalent across the project, as ATLS PLAZA N.D. explores antipodal states of being.

“The project’s title ‘ME / NOT ME’, stands for duality,” explains ATLS PLAZA N.D. “The first track, ‘Multi-paradoxical Consciousness’, represents the paradoxical nature of the human consciousness and the soul, the acceptance and compassion. The second track, ‘Advaita Vedanta’, is the Hindu philosophy of non-duality, non-dualism, and that we are all one,” he concludes. Shimmering with sonic bliss, this music ultimately speaks to the body, mind, and soul, without ever uttering a word.

It is this aforementioned sound stamp that entices ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s audience into hypnotic movement and, more often than not, escalates them into an out of body experience. Ultimately, his music is patently beautiful and melodic. ATLS PLAZA N.D.’s sonics can be considered borderless and timeless.

Right from the start, on ‘Multi-paradoxical Consciousness’,  the music is a well thought-out and researched method of connecting listeners to their deepest selves through percussive vibrations, sweet vocal adlibs, and waves of varying synth energy.

ATLS PLAZA N.D. effortlessly takes listeners on incredible and profound sonic journey, connecting them to places in their inner selves, they’ve never been to before. The lush sounds in the project will have people feeling like they are seamlessly floating through time and space with the beautiful soothing tones.

On ‘Advaita Vedanta’, the producer is even able to introduce an understated, but substantial quota of groove. Here he creates an epic musical tapestry underscored by dynamic percussion and glimmering electric piano.

ATLS PLAZA N.D. will no doubt start making waves for himself as a cerebrally-attuned producer, with the diffusion of ‘ME / NOT ME’, and will begin to inspire a following dedicated to the manifestation of a higher consciousness. He stands out amongst modern electronic music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience.


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